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2011: The Official Year of Our New Globe Masters (the East)

I was looking at events, and various other groupings, so to speak, from economics, political and the greater global politics, and every time I take a second look at this data, I shrugged, at first, my head and cry-out loud, ‘this can not be, surely, we have another decade, or as economists have it, five … Continue reading

Daily Media Review: Tues, 31.05.11

Good Articles all around, for informing not insight (never real insight). Anyway, The RT (Russia Today) has a number of excellent articles on Libya and so forth. Followed by Reuters on Goldman Sachs offer of shares to Libya after losing her £1.6 billion on securities (http://uk.reuters.com/article/2011/05/31/uk-goldmansachs-idUKTRE74U0JM20110531), and of course, every newspaper and screens we have, … Continue reading

Top Posts On The Blog: Voted By You!

Thanks for the reading and following the blog, first and foremost. Secondly, in numerical standard I will list these top posts, with a brief synopsis of the respective articles. These are; 1. Three Faces of Democracy: A Typological Analysis. This is based on my thesis that, Democracies comes in three varieties/models; the absolute perfect ‘free … Continue reading

Daily Media Review: 30.05.11 (and The Philo-Dilemma II: The Collateral Killings)

As much, and expected, nothing of use is contained within the global media pages and screens this bank holiday morning, so; just put on your smoking-jackets and smoke some good old pipe, stare out the window and recollect the good old memories past the times, as the rain pours, let cherry stir you towards the … Continue reading

Book Review: On Anatole Kalentsky ‘Capitalism 4.0’ (After Completion)

Well, for those who will remember, we had a first review of the book already last month, and literary sum-it-up as, a typical economist-looking-for-clients for their products, through ‘fear-mongering with hope’: we will beat Authoritarian China; Capitalist Democracy rule; and so forth. Now, after completing the book, and should confess, I jumped pages, as you … Continue reading

Sunday Papers: 29.05.11

Good all around headlines, of usual interests, with few distorted stories, the undermining and defacing of private manning is one of them, by the Guardian newspaper, my theory is they, The Guardian, has been finding it hard to leave strangled-out of key insiders snippets (the chinese for whispers and information leaks), and they seemed to … Continue reading

Organisational Success: The psychologies, The Cultures and The Managament

This paper is based on the analysis of the few business firms and most importantly in reference to the sporting organisations and their success, which I see depends on not the ‘architectural synergy’, that enforced and superficial, but rather a ‘natural synergy’ based on the three mutual-supporting-pillars of psychological easiness, cultural harmony and managerial leadership. … Continue reading

New Update: #EuropeanJasmineRevolution (the philosophical dilemma)

I just thought I repeat this point here, as it has that philosophical dilemma within the concept of foreign ‘Humanitarian Interventions’: If we accept that we are by law and ‘god’ (for gods-nuts) we are expected to ‘intervene’ in faraway sovereign nations affairs, for the claimants of ‘justice and order’, the question is: Could we … Continue reading

Daily Media Review: Sat., 28.05.11

Much of the same, absent of key news events, few on Libya, and throughout the UK Media there is the mis-presentation of the events and news of G8 concerning Libya, see the Washington Post for the correct reporting; My Summary: ”the Russian did not state they support Gaddaffi to go as the only option, or … Continue reading

In response to Ephraim Further Enquiries on Global Inequality

Ephraim emailed me earlier this morning and asked ‘How would one go about implementing the policy of ‘Corporate Strangle’ (as he referred to) in order to create the Great Mass Exodus to the South?” Well. This is my reply. My Dear Ephraim, First I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being … Continue reading

On Libya: Discussing the PSYOPs & What It Really Means to the Conflict ?

We have seen the Anglo-French Libyan Occupation Forces/Alliance reduced to acceptance of the the inability to force Mr. Gaddaffi out of Power using Military Force, so what is the only option left, Diplomacy, but a diverse portfolio of diplomatic approaches; the soft (behind doors political talks) and the hard (the use of Aerial and Gunboat … Continue reading

Daily Media Review: Fri, 27.05.11

Today not much is of general use, as the papers and screens are filled with the capture of the butcher of srebenica (I thought they would as through him into the sea, as they did with ‘Osama’). Anyway, first link is of an article supporting my previous post (In Reply of The Telegraph Columnist), that … Continue reading

Two Ideas I had Today (after a chat with Ephraim, A close Friend)

Today while having a chat with Ephraim, a close friend of mine, the greater philosopher, and we were talking about economics, and how poor states seemed to be staying poorer with all natures-blessed capital resources (I think someone had just finished reading is it John Kays book, I forgot the title; I think is some … Continue reading

Somalia-ification of Libya: Three Scenarios & End-Effects (Intelligence Estimate) FREE!

In this article, I will attempt to present in an ‘intelligence requirement standards’ a report or estimate, on how the Libya Crisis has created a three scenarios for the state and outside observers, and their end-by-products. Intelligence Analysts spend the greater part of their training on the ”presentation” training, more than the analytical trade-crafts of … Continue reading

Libya in The News (and The Daily Media Review): Thurs, 26.05.11

The Independent has an excellent article with the original Libyan Prime Minister Letter of Reconciliation sent to the Anglo-French Libyan Occupation Forces (and US), the article and the letter (and a video clip) can be located here: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/africa/exclusive-battered-libya-sues-for-peace-2289133.html Extract from the letter “We propose that parliament will convene at an extraordinary session to appoint an … Continue reading

Thanking My Readers & Fans: Centennial Mark! (Replies and New Society)

I would like to thanks all the readers, visitors and fans of this web-blog, and those prospective clients who tool their business hectic time to read and appreciate my professional ethics, and the wordpress team. Secondly, I have replied to every comment posted, please refer to the articles of your original replies and you will … Continue reading

On Political Economics: Adam Smith, The Socialist!!!

The first time around I read Adam Smith’s great ”over-rated” work, the Wealth of a Nation, I was sixteen years old, and all that Victorian-lingua mostly passed over my head, and what got stuck was the popular ideo-marketing of his theory as that of a Liberal Democratic Economics, of Laissez-Faire, free market. So, as many … Continue reading

Global Affairs: How Development Aid is Again regaining its natural use as a Soft Power, to influence and command Developing Countries.

The rise of development aid budget, and actors, even those on the receiving ends are themselves seemed to conduct a ”revolving door’ policy on this new international relations tool of influence. Russia, India, Brazil and so forth, they all receive foreign international aid, but now they themselves are starting to implement their own foreign aid … Continue reading

On Libya: The Psychological Warfare is Unleashed!!

Recently, after realising the failures of the airpower and ”ground troops” mobilised by the Anglo-Franco Libyan Occupation Forces in forcing a Regime Change against Gaddaffi Rule, these western aggressors have resorted to the old ”un-gentlemanly” tricks, of psychological operations, through disinformation and propaganda via the western media, for example, we have looked and continued to … Continue reading

On Africa: Why Africa is the New Battleground for the New Imperial ‘Great Game’

There has always been something rich and limitless wealth of Africa, and throughout the ages, the great powers and trading people and communities have appreciated and accepted the strategic significance of the continent in economical and market affairs. And today, nothing has changed, the dictum just reiterated still stands, and Africa has again found herself … Continue reading