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On Libya: Discussing the PSYOPs & What It Really Means to the Conflict ?

We have seen the Anglo-French Libyan Occupation Forces/Alliance reduced to acceptance of the the inability to force Mr. Gaddaffi out of Power using Military Force, so what is the only option left, Diplomacy, but a diverse portfolio of diplomatic approaches; the soft (behind doors political talks) and the hard (the use of Aerial and Gunboat Diplomacy), and the Black ‘un-gentlemanly Art’, Political Propaganda.

Let examine these in layout fashion of their chronological framework;

First: We had the UN Sanctions (Economic Propaganda: Psychological Operations I)

Second: This was followed by the UN Resolution 1973 (Military Propaganda: PSYOPs II)

Third: We had the start of ‘behind doors Talks’ that led to various ceasefire efforts and phases, (this still continues as all other PSYOPs) : PSYOP III (Diplomacy & Political Propaganda)

Fourth: the start of ‘mission creeps’, military psychological operations/war: I: Naval; II: Aerial; III Ground ”Advisory Support Services” and Forth Advanced Aerial PSYOPs, Drones, now Apaches.

Here, let me tell you a story, a fictional story, with myself as one of the main characters, on the ‘psychological effects of Weapon Systems’ (here we will account for the Aerial, in particular the silent killers, drones, and the ‘announced hitmans’, Apaches;you know they are coming for you).

”Once I was attached to this outfit on deployment, a light infantry company attached to an elite commando squadron. Reaching our destination, and stepping out of this magnificent CI4, at night, with battles ranging on the nearby distance, an Apache was heard overhead, too low, and scooped up with fierce thunder, you will know, it was on a ready state to engage, and that psychological effect, had this chap disembarking next to me informing me, ”Mate, I just had a Boner, and I think I just shit on myself at the same time” (haha). That is the deafening and intoxicating psychological power of the weapon system, it announces its call for death. And let me remind you, the lad who said such a comment, was in fact known to be battle-maniac (of course, with a reputation of being easily aroused by the weapon systems of all sort; if one remembers the character on the Full Metal Jacket, the US soldier carrying LMG, machine-gun at the compound during the sniper kill-zone. This lad is typical of him, he is battle-mad and still affected by a sound he probably should have got used to)”.

That is the tale. The story should tell you excatly the power in psychological terms of such weapon system, and hence deployed at the present to extend that hold on the psychological effect upon the Gaddaffi regime Force, however, missing the point, The Occupation Alliance, have forgotten, seemingly, to understand the pride of ”Guerrillaism” of Gaddaffi and his Forces, especially from TOP to Bottom, and My opinion is they will see through hell-and-hell without burging. An interesting observation for you readers, to prove or disapprove my hypothesis.

In answering the Question what does this extension of extensive application of advanced psychological operations against the regime means, it simply, seems, to mean that, behind doors, diplomatic and political solutions might be closer than we, I too, have thought. (Again, we will see in time).


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