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The BRICS, Durban & The Architecture of The New World Order

Just a Question: Is Durban about to immortalized as the New Bretton Woods? In other words, is the coming BRICS summit in Durban, South Africa to discussing the co-operations towards a joint International Development Bank for the BRICS country about to consciously architect a new world order, or rather a new parallel Eastern/Southern-managed world order, … Continue reading

Vindication: Lagarde, Crooked As I Once Said She Might Be

International Monetary Fund -IMF- appears to be a place where the crooked personalities thrive the most, as most recent (thus to avoid the long list throughout it’s history) we had Messr. Strauss-Kahn, the King-Pimp and now, of course, even before her nomination I stated confidently that the present incumbent, Miss. Lagarde, would win because she … Continue reading

Demystifying Mighty Drones: Another Generation, Another Self-Congratulatory Over-Hype Over Air-Power

Many have vindicated drones and other robotics, digital or similarly self-automated weapons of war as the future of warfare. The same story, the same hype, and of course, to most of us specialists on the subject of military affairs (unless of course one is on ”retained commission” from arms industries and their lobbying groups) the … Continue reading

Critical Question: 22nd Century & The Colonization of The West

Title: The Coming Colonization of The West Law I: The Law of Nature First comes in the Merchants with their attractive business proposals, offers and seemingly unlimited wealth. After this, or closer and parallel, comes in the diplomats and politicians for those important discussions on mutual trading interests and assurances, and then, of course in … Continue reading