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On Africa: Why Africa is the New Battleground for the New Imperial ‘Great Game’

There has always been something rich and limitless wealth of Africa, and throughout the ages, the great powers and trading people and communities have appreciated and accepted the strategic significance of the continent in economical and market affairs. And today, nothing has changed, the dictum just reiterated still stands, and Africa has again found herself in the centre of the ‘NEW AGE OF SCRAMBLE FOR AFRICA’, as the Rising Dragon of China is spreading her eggs every corner of the continent, building her assets, through development programmes, funds, mergers, acquisitions and alliances. While India, is hot on her heals, as they say goes (one of India Minister of Defence once remarked), ‘anyway China goes, India wont be far behind’. So India is finding new markets and alliances, as well.

However, unlike these two new members of the ‘great games’ for the new imperial great powers behaviour, the western old-imperial powers, are doing what they know best, using force, corruption, bribery and threats (or gunboat diplomacy) to subjugate and to, again, have a dominate say in the local African Affairs. Libya, though it started as something of the different nature, has been realised to hold the key for a new ‘gate into the African Wealth and Colonisation’.

Here is the new interesting area of studies and observations for all those keen in international affairs, human rights, economics and so forth.

In short, My argument is, We are witnessing a new age of Neo-Imperialism (with a difference as a result of lessons-learned) in the continent of Africa (the new scramble for Africa). Hence you see articles in wall street journals, financial times, reuters, bloomeberg media, on how ”Africa is opening herself to the markets” (yeah right).


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