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Book Review: On Anatole Kalentsky ‘Capitalism 4.0’ (After Completion)

Well, for those who will remember, we had a first review of the book already last month, and literary sum-it-up as, a typical economist-looking-for-clients for their products, through ‘fear-mongering with hope’: we will beat Authoritarian China; Capitalist Democracy rule; and so forth.

Now, after completing the book, and should confess, I jumped pages, as you will find out why (I tend not to overlook or jump anything, but this one, is unavoidable). The answer lies in his thesis. The entire book is based on a two sentence-proposition and a ‘theory’ (if one would call it as such), but he wrote it on a 380 or something pages, with every paragraph, not section, or sub-section, or even chapters, but every paragraph repeats the same historicism analysis of economics, and why capitalism rules, without telling us exactly ”what is the why?”, and how it will survive again, without ”the how”, and where does the internal contradictions (Marxists argument) really originates from, so like a doctor looking for answer we should look at this ‘source’ and deal with it, rid it, for future generations benefit, and for strengthening of our (his overly-beloved) capitalist system and structures, thus, ‘the where’ is absent too.

So, in short, I will not recommend this book to any sane person, let alone a policy makers, it is full of repetitions and historical ‘abuse’ for personal vindication. Throughout the book, Mr. Kalentsky pokes great fun on the economists, as dumb, dull, less-informed, abusers of facts for own personal interests, out of touch and so forth. These are the same characteristic, Mr. Kalentsky could not avoid.


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