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Daily Media Review: Fri, 27.05.11

Today not much is of general use, as the papers and screens are filled with the capture of the butcher of srebenica (I thought they would as through him into the sea, as they did with ‘Osama’).

Anyway, first link is of an article supporting my previous post (In Reply of The Telegraph Columnist), that one of the major reason behind our armed forces combat ineffectiveness at the present, is largely due to the physical deterioration in the standards of new recruits and existing soldiers; in short, as the Daily Mail support, half of the soldiers are ”Overweight”, not properly ‘equipped’ for front-line duties, Here is the Link: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1391318/Half-soldiers-overweight–obese.html

All other papers have the usual ”psyops” propaganda directed against Gaddaffi and in support of the Anglo-Franco Libyan Occupation Forces (see the next coming post after this, on the PSYOPS IN LIBYA).

Russia Today has a fantastic little article on the Humanitarian Intervention abuses by the western powers (one might say same for them, but not relevant at the present), find the article here: http://rt.com/news/summit-usa-libya-wasting/.

And I was exchanging communications yesterday with The Republican Party on the Twitter, and presented my long-held opinion that The Huntsman-Bachmann Dream-Team is the only option for their real chance of success for the 2012 US Presidency, the Washington Post, comes out and support my argument, with this article on the opinion section ” http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/huntsman-bachmann-in-2012/2011/05/26/AGIs3HCH_story.html.

Well, this is this for the present.


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