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Good Article From ISN: The New Terror-Crime Insurgency Model

10 July 2014 The New Criminal Blitz: Mali, Iraq and the Business of Asymmetry UN Police (UNPol) What does the ISIS insurgency in Iraq have in common with recent Islamist activity in Mali? Ivan Briscoe believes they’ve both elevated the obtaining of illicit income to new levels, thereby linking crime, Jihadism and the sectarian decomposition … Continue reading

Al-Qaeda 3.0: How I Might Have Architected The New Global Jihadists’ Strategy (Read It Here)

Last year I friend asked me to formulate an actual working ‘Jihadist’ Strategy with a chance of success against these groups more powerful enemies (sort of devil’s advocates), and below are a series of ‘essays or communiques’ I wrote playing the role of a principal modern Jihadist strategist. Reading these you might see some of … Continue reading