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The Sealed Fate: The Killing of Osama Bin Laden & The Disintegration of Al-Qaeda

The article can be found┬áhere [as a pdf file: 5 doubled-spaced pages] or reprinted below in full.   THE ARTICLE   Is Global Jihadism disintegrating? This articles argues that it might be, as I argue that Abbottabada Raid that killed Osama bin Laden appeared to have been much more critical than initially received. The Raid, … Continue reading

Transatlantic Treaty: Why It Will Not Work Without Provoking The World Into Armed Camps?

There is again another round of invented western self-delusional ”management concept”, in the traditions of the great ‘management consulting guru’ (or rather master conman, as the field is in general), that of transatlantic treaty or at times even so-nudged (to use another ”management conceptual tools”, mostly popular within the field of behavioural sciences) the Common … Continue reading