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Daily Media Review: Sat., 28.05.11

Much of the same, absent of key news events, few on Libya, and throughout the UK Media there is the mis-presentation of the events and news of G8 concerning Libya, see the Washington Post for the correct reporting;

My Summary: ”the Russian did not state they support Gaddaffi to go as the only option, or even an option, openly, as seems to be presented and reported throughout the media, but rather, The Russians, did offer to broker a peaceful reconciliation efforts, based on various options; to go, to reform and negotiate or to be forced out.”

As with my past exchanges with the Republican Party of US, another article supports my opinion, as was yesterday’s Washington Post’s article, today is from the Economist, that Jon Huntsman, the Mormon, seems to be the only hope for the party viable chances of securing a win for 2012 US Presidency ( http://www.economist.com/node/18744295).

While back to Libya, the deplorable Daily Mail, has an excellent article, supporting my view throughout the Libyan crisis of the aggressive-belligerence of two western powers, driven by commercial (oil, banking and commodities giants) interests and not the national interests, or even the over-proclaimed ”Humanitarian Interests”, as the paper states the two aggressors, that the Anglo-Franco Libyan Occupation Alliance (as I prefer to call them), as planning a ”victory march” through the streets of Tripoli; also, sort of psychological intent behind the statement. but largely supports and vindicate some of us, whom, though unfriendly and deplores the existing regime, changed our view in support not of the regime, but internal and regional peace mediation and management, not external western powers neo-imperialistic intents and interests (the link: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1391735/Victory-David-Cameron-planning-celebratory-tour-Libya-Nicolas-Sarkozy-time-comes.html).

And Finally, the Revolution will not be televised, the ‘father’ of rap, i believe, just passed away yesterday, and I am using this to show the truth of his statement to date, as Spanish/ European Jasmine Revolution, is blanked out of the mainstream media, as the force of the states security apparatus crushes ruthlessly these peaceful protesters (Are we going to accept ”Humanitarian Intervention” from China, Africa Union, Latin America, or even United States? If we can do to others, why not them to us?).


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