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My Up-Coming Free E-Short-Book (MUST READ SYNOPSIS): The World of 20XX

In this book I will argue that there is an agressive revival of colonialism from the three states of European stock, 1. The US: From A Good Leader to A Corrupt Power First, The United States of America, though, she appears to be caught mostly between schizophrenic cartesian dualism of ‘to be or not to … Continue reading

Fantastic Article, Couldn’t Say Better Myself, from Billy Bragg on The Guardian

Jingoism is no answer to England’s ebbing power From the EU to football and the Falklands, England must abandon its memories of empire to survive in a changing world Billy Bragg guardian.co.uk, Friday 17 February 2012 11.25 GMT David Cameron in Edinburgh: In a speech in Edinburgh, David Cameron invoked Britain’s seat on the UN … Continue reading

My Theory on The Evolutionary Cycles of The World Societies: From Anarchism and Back to Anarchism (Copyright)

IMPORTANT: Please ask for permission before using the ideas of this article. Thank You. Recently, I have been staring a lot on this massive global map on the wall in front of me. I theorise a thousand theses, and of course, always sharing with you, some of these thoughts, when appropriate, of course. Anyway, today, … Continue reading

Protected: The Rise of Internal Political Unrests & Mistrusts: The Single Most Dangerous Threat To The West (The Growth Phase)

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Highly Recommended Reading: Washington Post Article (Applies to UK as well)

This article is perhaps the most concise of the dangers emanated from the proliferated ”national security laws” within the leading democratic states of the west, that are impacting on the rights and freedoms of individuals, the very core, and centre of our values and of democratic civil liberties. To quote a very short, but powerful … Continue reading

The Products of #ArabSpring : The Re-Palestinisation (Hamas-Fatah Unity) & Re-Islamisation (of Islamic World)

The events in Middle East are without a doubt very critical in affecting the local politics and face of the region, and perhaps, the first greatest impact-product from these events, is the Hamas-Fatah/PLO Accord. Secondly, the rise of Political Salafism. Thirdly, the inevitable overthrow of Arabian Monarchism. Fourth, marginalisation of Turkey, and friendly relations between … Continue reading

The Real Dynamics of International History (Affairs): Resistance, War and Revolution (from the Age of Alexander to the Present) MUST READ!!!!!!!

Introduction: The Lies of International Scholars The single most important critic on the international academic works is that these do not present the world as it really is, but rather what they (a) hope it should be (b) or how it is from own ideological-cultural backgrounds (mirror-imaging). This problem can be traced throughout the western … Continue reading

Operation XXXX (aka Saving The Union): The MI5 Fierce Battle Against The Scottish Nationalists!

Recently, I learned that, there has been an ongoing secret operations behind shadows to undermine the Scottish Nationalists calls for Full Scottish Independence…… Lets take this from the top. During the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, England was facing a similar dilemma from the Scottish Nationalists led by the infamous Mary, Queen of Scots, the … Continue reading

Scottish Independence: How Will England Survive?

How will the English survive the coming, inevitable, break-up of the Union, as the Scots are definitely going to go for a fast Independence (you can put all the greatest heads and assets, intelligence, propaganda etc, ”aye will be the answer, come the referendum). So the question I am asking, please contribute as usual, How … Continue reading