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2011: The Official Year of Our New Globe Masters (the East)

I was looking at events, and various other groupings, so to speak, from economics, political and the greater global politics, and every time I take a second look at this data, I shrugged, at first, my head and cry-out loud, ‘this can not be, surely, we have another decade, or as economists have it, five more years’ (Yes, I tend to speak to myself a lot, ha). But which ever way I look at the data, and examine out archives, and turning, reshuffling, refitting, re-organising and so forth, the same picture stands out. It is like a manufactured puzzle-board, that has only one end-result in one form: The West have spent past three years, speeding up the exchange of the reins of global balance of powers, in favour of the Eastern Bloc.

You see, initially, the successes of the European Union provided a bulwark of a new hope, not just for a chance to provide an equilibrium in global relations with the rising new powers of the east, but was also seen as a greater hope for an even longer reins in the global power management by ourselves, the west. Alas, came the economic tsunami, and with this, the European Maginot-Line breached extensively, and the hope has to the present gone (at least for now and for the foreseeable decade). Thus, for the past three years, following the catastrophic events of Banking and Housing sector that caused the economic crisis around the world, the western states have been working tacitly and speedily to accept the inevitable, that accelerating the rise of the East, as the New Masters of The Globe (hoping with this gesture, and the new masters cultural values of returning good favours and acts, to bestow and accept at least, ‘subjective equilibrium’, that equal power-sharing, this we will see, as no one can foretell what will be next out of human nature actions).

In short, for those who have locked their minds, in deniability, to what has, not is to, but has already taking place right about now; we answer to the East (like Muslim praying facing East).


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