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The Continuing Vindications of My Recent-Past Analyses on Global Affairs

Last year, I wrote this article; https://geopoliticalintelligence.wordpress.com/2011/12/31/a-defining-decade-2000-2010-a-year-of-attempted-protests-2011-a-new-year-of-realpolitiks-2012/, in it, I predicted (correctly) how the so-called ‘year of protesters’, i.e. 2011, will be replaced by the year of realpolitiks (of the traditional old ways) and counter-offense, as we observe re-trending, such as; 1. back to 1980s: In reference to the financial and banking sector, not learning … Continue reading

Wikileaks III: A Rebuke of Mr. Max Fisher’s ‘The Atlantic’ Article

Mr. Max Fisher, an associate editor of The Atlantic, yesterday wrote an article just after the release of the Wikileaks Spy Files (see Wikileaks I-II below), entitled ‘Stratfor Is a Joke and So Is Wikileaks For Taking IT Seriously’. In my opinion, and anyone who might have read it (if you have not here is … Continue reading

Wikileaks II: The Spy Files


Wikileaks I: The Global Intelligence Files (full article and Link)

Translations [fr] the gifiles (fr) [sv] the gifiles (se) LONDON—Today, Monday 27 February, WikiLeaks began publishing The Global Intelligence Files – more than five million emails from the Texas-headquartered “global intelligence” company Stratfor. The emails date from between July 2004 and late December 2011. They reveal the inner workings of a company that fronts as … Continue reading

Political & Security Risk Analysis: UN should be at a ‘Severe Alert’ Level!

UN should be on a severe alert (if we still use the colored-coded alert system, which I believe was recently replaced) across the globe, and through all it’s agencies. The organisation, understandably, seems to have pissed-off few many ‘angry people’ more recently, and as we have already seen with the trends (Nigeria, Afghanistan, etc), United … Continue reading

My Cost-Less Aerial Defensive Strategy (against Bombings and Surveillance)

An execrise for you: have a look at anything around you, well, they are all very visible, right, by day made so, with the help of the good old sun, and by night, the moon and other natural reflectors that support the eye abilities to spot and recognise the object. This is largely from within … Continue reading

My Proposal For A Successful Iranian Psychological Operations Strategy

What still lingers around the hearts of Irans and their memories of the past? The 1979 Great Revolution. What was the symbolic aspect of the Great Revolution? The Student. So, where does one starts? 1979 Great Revolution Remembrance. Here lies the successful Iranian pyschological/propaganda operations on any future war against the west (and the need … Continue reading

A Response to A Comment on My Proposed Iranian Military Plan For The Greater Middle East War

This is similar to the statement left under the main article below, as a ”comment”; ”so a friend saw my article above, and after reading it, he tells me, or rather asks me, you (i.e. me) always say the opposing side is not inanimate, and seems to contradict at the present such a statement, as … Continue reading

MUST READ: My Proposed Military Blueprint for Iran on ‘The Greater Middle East War’

Here is an abridged version of my proposed military strategy for the Iranians in the event of any hostilities against her. The aim as always is to expand topographically the character of the war, meaning not limiting it to an ‘Iranian War”, but rather exapnd it into ‘The Greater Middle East War’. As it was … Continue reading

My New Advice For Iran (& Less On Syria): The Sun Pin Strategy

War is unthinkable at this stage, or any with Iran, however, stupidities of states is not a 100% assurance of inevitabilities. Thus, Iran might still have to go to war soon. The question again, how to go to war as a winner. As you might remember we first looked at how to prevent going to … Continue reading

Written in 1944 & Still Relevant, and Thoughts on Iranian ”Terrorists”!

This section is extracted from Liddell Hart’s ”Why Dont We Learn From History?”. I am not a fan, not big not small, zero-admiration, of Mr. Hart. I believe he was the worst of vanity in a person, and a great robber of intellectual properties of others’ ideas and works, however, this little sub-section speaks to … Continue reading

Fantastic Article, Couldn’t Say Better Myself, from Billy Bragg on The Guardian

Jingoism is no answer to England’s ebbing power From the EU to football and the Falklands, England must abandon its memories of empire to survive in a changing world Billy Bragg guardian.co.uk, Friday 17 February 2012 11.25 GMT David Cameron in Edinburgh: In a speech in Edinburgh, David Cameron invoked Britain’s seat on the UN … Continue reading

Who Are The Best Recruits For Western Muslims To Fight Jihad? The Western Media and States!

Since Iraq, of course, and before, the actions of the western states in supporting locals political power games, and how the western media ‘championed’ the cause have always served as a ‘knife in the heart’ for Muslims. But more recent, in the age of so-called ‘Arab Springs’, the trend is more observable since there has … Continue reading

Protected: A Proposed Chinese Grand Alliance Strategy With Russia and Far Eastern States

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Protected: The Most Cost-Effective Maritime Security Strategy Out There

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Refounding The Respect For Foci Strategy: Armies? What Armies?

The contemporary directions of violence within the spectrum of warfare is covert operations, conducted by foreign elements made up of special elite forces, mercenaries from private security corporations (if in the Middle East, it is the use of lightly-skinned foreigners from the mediterrenean countries of Italy, Spain, Greece, plus south american, where a dozen goes … Continue reading

mmm…told you so!

So again I have been proved correct: the Islamic resistances armed forces, or what we call terrorists and jihadists, are slowly benefiting from the downfall of their old nemesis. In short, the ‘Arab Spring’, western-directed or not, have achieved what they have not for decades, the removal from power grips of their old repressors (remember … Continue reading

My Advice Has Won The Day In Syria & Iran: The Re-Cold-War-ification of Present Crisis

Those who might recall, and if not please see the post below on ‘Being Mahmud Ahmedijani I & II’, and how I stated, for either Syria and Iran (the remaining ‘axis of evils’ in the region) to stay in power they will have to bring in the Soviet-Russia Bear from the cold (war). This is … Continue reading

My Theory on The Evolutionary Cycles of The World Societies: From Anarchism and Back to Anarchism (Copyright)

IMPORTANT: Please ask for permission before using the ideas of this article. Thank You. Recently, I have been staring a lot on this massive global map on the wall in front of me. I theorise a thousand theses, and of course, always sharing with you, some of these thoughts, when appropriate, of course. Anyway, today, … Continue reading

The Age of Competitive Global Politics: Others Catching Up

I am writing this report, at the early researching phase, so if you have any further suggestions, readings sources or view, I would be grateful for your contributions. In the report, due August, I will argue that, the west (a) is not in decline nor (b) under siege from ‘barbarians’, but rather found itself caught … Continue reading