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United Nation: The New Legitimate Target For All (seemingly)

Why the International Institutions Today appear as Legitimate Target for disaffected parties? Recently, we have witnessed a sharp-growth in the deliberate targeting on the UN staff and offices/structures throughout the Muslim world by the Islamic local fighters. The reason I guess, we can all agree to, is without a doubt, begun with the appointment of … Continue reading

Why States Go To War: In Conversation With The Great Sociologist, Charles Tilly (Thanks to M.A. for the Research Paper)

Forget everything, leave everything, and spend at least half an hour, but I reckon for some might be an hour length more, as attached research paper written by the great sociologist, Charles Tilly, and sent to me by Mark (our sincere gratitude), is highly demanding in intellectual comprehension. Before we proceed to the paper, I … Continue reading

Help Required, Please (Add Your Thoughts To This Legal Framework List): ‘On The Laws to Undermine/Regulate The Use Of Force In The International & National Relations’

Hi Everyone, I am tasked with perhaps one of my biggest role and responsibility to date, in finding ways to reduce, nay, to undermine the use of military, or any other ‘concept’ that might be used as a future loop-hole, force, in the International and national affairs. The Date set for my presentation is on … Continue reading

On Libya: My Critical Military Advice (Winning Strategy) For Colonel Gadhafi and The Libyan Armed Forces

BE WARNED THIS ARTICLE IS OF A PERSONAL SUPPORT OF GADHAFI https://geopoliticalintelligence.wordpress.com/2011/07/21/on-libya-a-commanders-strategic-operational-essentials-benghazi-as-the-centre-of-gravity-with-a-map/ http://www.linkedin.com/groupItem?view=&gid=1373847&type=member&item=66336444&qid=fcb38b32-e264-4c01-af3b-f92050c308f8&trk=group_most_popular-0-b-ttl&goback=%2Egmp_1373847 Above we have two links to my previous analysis and recommendations for Colonel Gadhafi, in dealing with the ‘rats’, as he would correctly called the ‘rebels’. The first post (wordpress, dated 27.07.11) I analysed the situation on Libya, but failed to put … Continue reading

Somalia-ification of Libya: Three Scenarios & End-Effects (Intelligence Estimate) FREE! (via s.s.salem: Global Strategic Affairs)

Updated 22 Aug 2011 from Original date of 26 May 2011. In this article, I will attempt to present in an 'intelligence requirement standards' a report or estimate, on how the Libya Crisis has created a three scenarios for the state and outside observers, and their end-by-products. Intelligence Analysts spend the greater part of their … Continue reading

Ways of War: How Different Societies & Regions have their own distinct ‘Art of War-Fighting’

I just finished typing this article, in response to an ongoing current debate via a ‘Military Strategy and History’ Society on the LinkedIn pages, entitled ”Genghis Khan v Hannibal”, a thread started by Mark Freeman. On this article, I discuss the different societies, in topographical analysis, and how they approach and conduct wars, in accordance … Continue reading

A Political Risk Analysis: (In Brief) An Historical Analysis On The Conditions of Revolutionary-Probabilities Within The Western Democracies (the vulnerable and the invulnerable)

My Recent Lecture at Gramscian Institute For Global Studies. To appreciate the revolutionary-inclinations of the western democracies is to appreciate the concept and practise of ‘democracy’; the government of the few on many. It is thus, these few who define and who can bring the revolution at the top, or below. The western democracies are … Continue reading

On Modern Warfare: Field Marshall Foch Brilliant Assessment (plus few reviews)

On his monumental, but [I] rather [found it] too archaic and outdated work, of course, excluding the chapter to be reviewed here, ”On The Characteristics of The Modern Wars” in The Principles of War. The French Field Marshall, and the Allied Forces Generalissimo, during the later stages of the First World War, General Ferdinand Foch, … Continue reading

Operation XXXX (aka Saving The Union): The MI5 Fierce Battle Against The Scottish Nationalists!

Recently, I learned that, there has been an ongoing secret operations behind shadows to undermine the Scottish Nationalists calls for Full Scottish Independence…… Lets take this from the top. During the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, England was facing a similar dilemma from the Scottish Nationalists led by the infamous Mary, Queen of Scots, the … Continue reading

A Critical Analysis: Why Libya Is A Special Case Study (i.e. still standing/defying the odds)?

Today, after posting the article on the ‘Psyche of an Arab’ ( see below, and for further anthropological analysis on the region and the people, please see the anthology, three studies on these under the ‘Anthology” Page), few of my closest friends seemed to have had more than the usual share of further inquiries on … Continue reading

A Special Profiling: The Psyche of An Arab (& A Brief Statement On Syria)

First before we get into our main discussion, lets deal with Syria. In brief, Syria is, unlike Libya, very unstable and receptive to change; meaning, there is a greater and realistic probability of a regime change in Syria than in Libya (as we have always said so on the later). Now, on the general psyche … Continue reading