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ISIS’s Attilian Strategy is it’s secret to recent successes and inspiration to new jihadists!

Attilian Lessons From ISIS to the Rest of New Jihadists Groups The Ascendacy of ISIS as the new model of post-AlQaeda Jihadism/Holy War is, without a doubt, its application of Attillian-Ghenghisian brutality as a War Strategy. Never to be taken as not serious since this strategy has proven – always when applied – to be … Continue reading

[[RE-EDITED]]ISIS & IRAQ: The Hidden Facts and Consequences for Regional and International Security

What has recent surprise operational successes in Iraq by the militant Islamic group known as Islamic State of Iraq and Syria/Sham taught us? One is that the organisation is without a doubt a mix of the old Baathist Special Republican Forces with excellent military knowledge and skills who somehow ‘became Islamized’ or ‘radicalised into extremist … Continue reading