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Daily Media Review: 30.05.11 (and The Philo-Dilemma II: The Collateral Killings)

As much, and expected, nothing of use is contained within the global media pages and screens this bank holiday morning, so;

just put on your smoking-jackets and smoke some good old pipe,
stare out the window and recollect the good old memories past the times,
as the rain pours, let cherry stir you towards the good old times,
warming your soul, heart and mind, for the present life,
listen out there, as your day-dreams speaks of times past, and those to come.

(c) s.s.salem 2011, Blighty Memories.

So after this we can go on and take a summary look at the second philosophical dilemma of The Collateral Killings (or call it whatever you may wish). The disturbing question is:

Is the Life of Innocent Humans caught at crossfire of Wars and Conflict, worth the price of ”Sorry”, and if so, Is It applicable also to those committing political violence (or some may call these, Terrorism) to say ‘Sorry’ and let all be forgotten and forgiven?

This is the dilemma, one needs to look at and seriously appreciate the erroneous foundation the argument and the concept/proposition stands-on. If we, the west, can kill, maim and terrorise and claim collateral, wont others do the same, and will it be justified, or where will this ends?


(By the way, I will try to categorise the articles today, for ease assess by all, thanks for suggestions).


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