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Critical Insight: Islamic State (ISIS) Gets Legitimacy As Only ‘True’ Islamic Revolutionary-Resistance Movement From Unlikely Source (Talibans & Jabhat Al-Nusra)!

To be very brief, I believe the recent three very significant coinciding events might prove very beneficial for ISIS in both short- and long-term strategic gains. Of course I am talking about; First, the recent Taliban’s leaders (Mullah Muhammad Omar) approval of his group’s political rapprochement and open-minded to talks with both the Afghan and … Continue reading

Recommended Reading: Dr. John Rapley’s New Article On ‘The Decline of The West’ (Source: ISN/ETH Zurich)

This new article is a follow up to an earlier article and can truly be appreciated and provide an excellent intellectual stimulation by making an effort of reading his earlier (1st part, so to speak) article (see this blog, below this post: ‘The Weakening of Western Foundations’). Dr Rapley arguments can be observed on my … Continue reading