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Woolwich: How I Accurately Predicted The Event!

Did I just accurately predicted Woolwich (I think I did)? See this old (originally published 24th April 2013 and I just updated today on 28th May 2013) post: click here.

Iran & The New Middle East Great Game: Time For Iran To Act Like A Great Power Not A Powerless Victim!

If there is a state that benefited from contemporary Middle Eastern Chaos (from the Invasion of Iraq 2003 to so-called ‘Arab Spring’ and most importantly the Syrian War), is without a grain of doubt, is Iran. But the question now is; is Iran up for the glorious opportunities afforded (and open) to them? Strategists appreciate … Continue reading

Stephen M. Walt On FP: Top 10 warning signs of ‘liberal imperialism’

Are you a liberal imperialist? Liberal imperialists are like kinder, gentler neoconservatives: Like neocons, they believe it’s America’s responsibility to right political and humanitarian wrongs around the world, and they’re comfortable with the idea of the United States deciding who will run countries such as Libya, Syria, or Afghanistan. Unlike neocons, liberal imperialists embrace and … Continue reading

Talibani’s Azan Magazine: Reading The Mind of Violent Islamic Extremism

Having a Muslim-name, naturally, makes it necessary to distance myself from any readings or associations to/from violent Islamic Extreme groups materials, like AQAP and Inspire or Talibanis publications and so forth, or even their tweets, forums, facebooks and the likes, even though the field is part of my specialist area. Anyway, today while reading this … Continue reading