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Khodovorsky: Putin’s Man In The West???

Question: Is Khodovorsky Putin’s Man in the West? To me, and that is to me only, the entire drama is a deja vu of the old Cold War espionage game of moles and plants and the likes. The Khodovorsky drama seems to fit perfectly well to the past case studies where the ‘dissenter’ undergoes years … Continue reading

New City-States: Beating Detroit Effect Through Privatization (Running New Competitve Smart Cities Through Private Hedgefunds)

I have been thinking for sometime now the probable path for the future of capitalism (the next stage in the evolution of capitalism post-2008 crash) especially in the area of competitive investment on the future of competitive smart new city-states as ”investment products/assets”. Each city (e.g. London-Manchester, New York-Washington) seen competing with one another through … Continue reading