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[My New Research Paper] A Case Against Counter-Terrorism: A Worst Policy Scenario For Democracies (Dershowitz Interesting Chapter & Headlines)

The Link to my paper is below: counter-terror_CWI Here is an interesting chapter from Alan M. Dershowitz (fictional not much of an actual scholarly work), from his book ‘Why Terrorism Works’, Chapter Three: How an Amoral Society Could Fight Terrorism pp. 105-130. The interesting thing about this work is exactly what I state in my … Continue reading

COPYRIGHTED: The Age of Guerrilla Warfare In The Air (The #Drones Potentials for Asymmetric Actors)

This is a simple thesis article: Drones have made the potential of fighting ‘continental guerrilla warfare’ applicable and succesful in air combat. Today, most analysts and strategists have been bamboozled with the usual potentials of drones within the ‘standard theories of application’, in the business lingua, in-box thinking, or in further other words, failing to … Continue reading

COPYRIGHT: War Is A Continuation of A Failed Policy, from a weak actor!

Clausewitz recognised how his writings might be abused or misinterpreted long before his beloved wife printed these under the auspicious title ‘On War’. This misinterpretation or abuse, has always represented war as something unavoidable in the world, and between states. Of course this can be traced from the early classical-world writings of Thucydides (A History … Continue reading

The Rise of Mercenaries & The End of ”Nations”: The Old Curse

Today at least I have what little time to spare and have penned-down two articles, WoW. Anyway, what I am going to discuss here, in the second article of the day, briefly is that, ever since the humans begun to depend on each other through close-knitted societies with the usual social stratifications, it was the … Continue reading

What Is The Meaning and Utility of The Secret Security Services, Really?

In the so-called age of ”Global War On Terror” and the Media-Spins, we have never been further away from the old ”fascination” and discussions of what it is, really, that sect, known to us as the secret security services, especially when applied to our ‘democratic’ western states? Away from all the usual crappers of the … Continue reading

The Greatest Secret: How To Win Against Anyone, Just Don’t Fight!!

”For to win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill.” Sun Tzu, The Art of War. The above quotation is from the infamous ancient strategist, Master Sun Tzu, which has been promiscuously used without really evidence that those … Continue reading

Why States Go To War: In Conversation With The Great Sociologist, Charles Tilly (Thanks to M.A. for the Research Paper)

Forget everything, leave everything, and spend at least half an hour, but I reckon for some might be an hour length more, as attached research paper written by the great sociologist, Charles Tilly, and sent to me by Mark (our sincere gratitude), is highly demanding in intellectual comprehension. Before we proceed to the paper, I … Continue reading

Help Required, Please (Add Your Thoughts To This Legal Framework List): ‘On The Laws to Undermine/Regulate The Use Of Force In The International & National Relations’

Hi Everyone, I am tasked with perhaps one of my biggest role and responsibility to date, in finding ways to reduce, nay, to undermine the use of military, or any other ‘concept’ that might be used as a future loop-hole, force, in the International and national affairs. The Date set for my presentation is on … Continue reading