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The British Strategy II: Beyond The Union (aka The English Strategy)

The British Strategy II: Beyond the Union, also known as The English Strategy, is a Part II follow-up, to yesterdays’ part I exploration of the British Strategy in the New World. The Part I, thus, had a look at the need to rethink a British Strategy within the union, not beyond one, as we are … Continue reading

Media Review: Behind The Narratives

Today, I will review for you some of the few stories, either top headlines on the screen and papers, or those ‘put away from the closer public eyes and interest’. 1. The Frenchies and Libya: Today, we heard how the Frenchies are actually arming, or rather have been for sometime arming the rebels, tomorrow, or … Continue reading

Rethinking A British Strategy For The New World: The Old-New (Castlereaghean-Blairite) Continentalism vs Britannia-ism

Recently, we dealt with the American Strategy, and constructed a revised doctrine, which recently became known as the Obama Doctrine, on how US can still be competitive in the face of global chaos, changes and Asian dragons. Today, we are going to discuss a need for a rethink in the British Strategic Doctrine; where we … Continue reading

The Great Works (Reviewed & Shared with Readers: Bernays’ Propaganda; Spycatcher; Le Bon)

There are few works that can really be called great works, as they have that practical-application, rather intellectual-stimulation, and so today, I will share with you, the readers, few of these great works, all of which are available through open source websites. 1. The First Work is that of the Spycatcher, by a former MI5 … Continue reading

All Articles as a PDF Document (E-Book© for your Convenience)

Finally, after researching conversion methods, programmes and plugins for my blog-posts into a pdf file, I found a little site blogbooker and just finished converting the complete blog to date, in reverse chronological order into a pdf file for your convenience. Please, Remember, the contents are a copyright materials, and belong to the ownership of … Continue reading

Why Obama Doctrine For An American Neo-Isolationism is a Sound Policy

There are many ways one can point to the critics of Mr. Obama New American Global Strategy, but Here I will focus on one simple but yet, perhaps, the most significant of them all is the strategic order in Pakistan (If this was not in their minds, the formulators of the Strategy, my little Neo-Isolationism … Continue reading

My Rising ‘Prediction Market’ Speculation on Key Events: The New Vindications

Here are today’s media articles and discussions that vindicates some of my recent and past analytical predictions, or as the new term in the global affairs, mirroring the markets (everything today is marketised), is the prediction market speculator, as they will refer to me. Let examine the recent shares speculations; 1. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/labour-must-learn-from-the-past-but-not-live-in-it-says-liam-byrne-2301354.html This is about … Continue reading

My Recent ‘The New American Global Strategy’ Paper and The New Obama Doctrine

I wrote a month ago a paper, which can be located here at; https://geopoliticalintelligence.wordpress.com/2011/05/19/the-american-strategy-for-the-century-neo-isolationism-a-recommendation/ entitled, ”The New American Strategy For The Century: Neo-Isolationism A Recommendation”, which has been today echoed, word by word, literally, by the President of The US, Mr. Obama, and his New American Strategic Doctrine for The Global Affairs. Have A Look, … Continue reading

Libya: How Accurate I Was, Surprised Me Too, Not Really! (The Final Phase)

”Amr Moussa, who is a leading candidate to be Egypt’s next president, broke with the international consensus that Col Gaddafi must step down unconditionally and said there should be a ceasefire and peace talks while the Libyan leader remains in power. ” The Daily Telegraph (UK) The opening statement is from a chairperson of the … Continue reading

The Anthology Continues.Chapter III of The Anthropological Study of The Contemporary Middle East (Deciphering Events: What Next?)

Well, Ladies and Gentlemen. First and foremost, as always, I am obliged, and of gratitude for the many communications and exchanges that I have been receiving in relations to my ‘product’, the Anthological Series (sounds like Star Wars, or is Star Trek, Anyway) based on the Anthropological Studies of The Contemporary Middle Eastern Crisis. Thanks. … Continue reading

The Anthropological Study of Contemporary Middle East (Chapter II): The Blow-Back II

First and Foremost, I would like to thank each and everyone who have contributed and commented on the First-Chapter of the My Anthropological Study of The Contemporary Middle East, that I published yesterday. Secondly, I would like today to expand on the point that is not missed, but rather understated or underplayed, the threat of … Continue reading

The Anthropological Analysis of The Middle East ‘Rebellious’ Generation (The Articles Governments, Security Services & Specialists would not want to Miss Reading It!)

I Know, I have been promising this article for sometime now, and today, I thought I should just chin-up and get on with it. The article discusses the missed critical underlying traits that characterise and is embodied deep (i.e. intrinsic) within the conscious and the socio-political and cultural perception of the young middle eastern generation, … Continue reading

The Fallacy Of Security Logic In The West: Matter Over Mind (Copyright)

The Fallacy of the Security Logic in the West, is a discussion that I am building for coming debate, on how the western pre-occupation with ‘Matter’, that ‘body counts’ of ‘extremists’ killed is more dominant in their minds and in shaping their approach to, seemingly, operational rather than strategic-based models, that encourages the undermining of … Continue reading

A Must Read Articles: On the Eisenhower Horror of Militarisation of Foreign Policies, On UK Data & The New World Order

First, Let me state, and apologise, on how I suddenly stopped presenting the Daily Media Review. As I stated earlier on, this feature has become a product, and as such I no longer able to offer it as an open-source intelligence, truly sorry. However, this does not stop me from personally sharing with you the … Continue reading

On Book Review: How To Use Politicans to get what You Want, by Scott Colvin

The Book is very interesting, and might be more interesting for wannabe-lobbyists, or just those who seek to campaign for local community agenda, or individually, through their representatives or local based multinational corporations. It is an excellent read on ”How-To” for novice and the general Public Highly Recommended, not to buy, but to borrow from … Continue reading

Anders Fogh Rasmussen (& NATO): A Profile of a European Neo-Con

After yesterdays post, mentioning in passing Rasmussen, the present NATO Secretary-General, I thought I should extend the original argument that I started on that post, namely, Mr. Rasmussen is an European equivalent of US Neo-Conservatives, and should have never been ‘awarded’ the post of such a prestigious and reputable international institution, that is, NATO. ”In … Continue reading

In Reply to a Response based on the post ”Libya Aperfect Model of COIN Ops”

Below is a reply to a colleague of mine, within a society for Military and Strategy Specialists/Analysts, who seemed to have missed the point I was making, ‘in praise of Gaddaffi Model of COIN’ and not ”NATO’s”. So, I thought, I might as well stick it here for readers of the blog; Excellent Points Skip … Continue reading

My Recent Vindicated Analyses: On Libya & Social Media’s ”New Dot Com” (and China)

The News and headlines across the globe in just this week has been on the great exodus from the Facebook, especially, by individuals from the developed world, and seen as the result of the ”spying technology” (which I looked at on two-parts posts, on ”The Advanced Civil Espionage: How Your Computer Is Looking at You”, … Continue reading

Scottish Independence: How Will England Survive?

How will the English survive the coming, inevitable, break-up of the Union, as the Scots are definitely going to go for a fast Independence (you can put all the greatest heads and assets, intelligence, propaganda etc, ”aye will be the answer, come the referendum). So the question I am asking, please contribute as usual, How … Continue reading

Breaking News On Libya: The Two Clashing Approaches (1. The West Seeks an Exit Strategy & 2. The Mercenaries Seek an Extension of Conflict for Profit)

Ladies and Gentleman, Yesterday, without a doubt for me, out of loop at the present, on the insides of Libya Affairs, I caught a glimpse, as any good analyst might have as well, of the two clashes of interests that has nothing to do with the Humanitarian or Security/Order Interests of Libya, but rather, of … Continue reading