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On Libya: The Psychological Warfare is Unleashed!!

Recently, after realising the failures of the airpower and ”ground troops” mobilised by the Anglo-Franco Libyan Occupation Forces in forcing a Regime Change against Gaddaffi Rule, these western aggressors have resorted to the old ”un-gentlemanly” tricks, of psychological operations, through disinformation and propaganda via the western media, for example, we have looked and continued to ”watch” over these ”media crap”, for sometime, all one needs to do, is to refer to the many other posts within this website.

But let see today’s ”news management” over the Libyan Affairs.

The BBC R4 Today’s programme to start, has Mr. Hague (the little twib) on the booth, and just take a listen for yourselves, and you will form the same conclusion, as you hear the ”structured questionnaire” put to the twib, mr. hague. Is the same repetitive questions with no efforts beyond real accountability and critical enquiries, for example, again, as all his appearance on the programme, he is asked ”does not this new stage means a new escalation?”, asked the interviewer, and hague as usual, ”hell, fucking no” (and that is that, no more ”interrogation”. Then we here the idiots at the station, ”advocating in support” the ”mission creep”, ”why are we not supporting the French calls for Apache deployment?” (mmm, is it a question or a sort of ”this is what we want already, us the public, on behalf of our graciously hosts and repsentatives the media). Then, the idiots, jump from the ”realities and its constraints”, to ”fantasies” of what will happen if Gaddaffi leaves? (that is a quite big jump, is in it? for an independent, impartial agency to ask).

Anyway, through the interview, the little twib, mr. hague, ”laid out openly for observation”, three significant points that guide the Anglo-French Occupation goals in Libya, as he states the first one, through the usual chit-chatting, ”as the campaign develops”, can you see it, as the campaign develops, means, there has been a long time intention that the goal of these actors were a military force for a regime change. Then he goes on to state, ”as the Gaddaffi forces change tactics, we are ”permitted” to adapt to”, mm, meaning, (a) what did you expect the opposing forces to be, if you get involved in the military ”campaign”, some inanimate object, non-reactive to your actions (even the idiots, sipping cherries and playing wargames at the Headquarters do not ignore the ‘possibility’ of a reaction from there own ”imagine enemies”). (b) this means, I, the anglo-french occupation forces can justify and excuse there further escalation and belligerence in the Affairs. But no one at the BBC dared to ask or confront the little twib with these questions.

The Guardian had an excellent article yesterday that only stood on their website for an hour or more, before ”revised” in accordance to the ‘accepted lines of reporting”. The article was how the divisions were starting to be felt within the British Political Establishment as for the first time the Labour Party acted like a real viable opposition party and questioned the coalition on these ”secret mission creeps agenda” on Libya. But alsa, again, as it was during the past parliament break, when a Tory MP voiced his concerned and called for recall of the parliament to discuss the sending of ”ground militaryt forces” on ”advisory” capacities to the ”insurgencies” before the being mobilised, without the rightful and lawful authorisation by the parliament, but, alas, did not happen, and again, swept in the dustbins never to be discussed, until yesterday, but I reckon, again, this will be swept away. Just Like the Labour Party during the Iraq War, the Coalition seems ignorant of legal remits of the Parliament; western democracy, ladies and gentlemen (Hence, once a philosopher friend of mine asked me, ”when did democracy start in Britain?”; my reply was, ”If it starts, please, do not forget to inform me! He loved it, so were those in the audience).

Well, just to close off this long passionate paper, I will say, you will see more of media manipulation and use by the western occupation forces against Libya Regime, and I will bet, again, just like their fail to heed to that old military sage, that ”AIRPOWER DOES NOT BREAK PUBLIC MORAL, RATHER UNIFY IT, BEHIND THEIR GOVERNMENTS” (we saw it, against Germans, The Britain Air-War, Italy, Greece and so forth), now just like these military forces failed, the psychological operations will as well fail, I can Promise that, because these occupation forces have started out wrongly and fast, without taking the wiser time to think, as Obama and US have done throughout the conflict; they are now seen as real imperial threats, and belligerent, and self-interested in Libya, not Libyans.

In short, The Anglo-French Libyan Occupation Forces, have lost the war, from the start, militarily, psychologically and morally. I have no more concerns of the fate of the events, as I am rested assured of the outcome!


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