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How Did A British Rifle/Arms End Up With The Syrian ”Rebels”? (part 2)

They replaced the original article with the damning photo showing a syrian ”rebel” with a British-made rifle, but below is another link you can still get the original article, as well as my own copy of the photo (sorry to make a new post rather than update, the wordpress people seem to be keeping me … Continue reading

How Did A British Rifle/Arms End Up With The Syrian ”Rebels”?

Examine the photo on the article from WSJ below (clearly shows a version of SA80, the main British Rifle) : http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10000872396390444712904578023794127120834.html?mod=WSJUK_hpp_MIDDLEThirdNews

The Most Dangerous Blowback: How The Muslims came to OPENLY Embrace with A Sense Of Pride The Contemporary Mujahidins (Al-Qai’da & Affiliates)

The most serious and critical, perhaps the lesser covered aspect or merely unappreciated as yet, of the present Islamic blow-back, is the loss of [a] ”hearts and minds” of Muslims and [b] previous effectiveness power of the ”fear-tactics” based on constant surveillance and arrests by the western states at home and abroad of the Muslims. … Continue reading

A Perfect Blowback: How The West Failed to Learn from so-called ”Afghan Model[s]”

Blowback is a theory that is based on the logic that a party might instigate something which later comes back and bite such a party’s own kabus, with own resources and training. Anyway, the theory took of from Chalmers writings describing the western support of Afghanis/Talibanis during their 1970s-80s wars with the Soviet Union and … Continue reading

WSJ On A New World Disorder ‘ood Read

The New World Disorder

Arab Spring: No, It’s An Islamic Spring/Revolution As Always Stated (Libya, Egypt etc)

In Syria, the hated western trios of US, UK and France are again repeating the Libyan Scenario, which has been till this week events, such as the death of US ambassador in Libya and the Sacking of US Egypt’s Embassy been portrayed on the simple level of Manichean Good (”rebels”) V Evil (anti-western ”tyrants”), for … Continue reading