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Thanking My Readers & Fans: Centennial Mark! (Replies and New Society)

I would like to thanks all the readers, visitors and fans of this web-blog, and those prospective clients who tool their business hectic time to read and appreciate my professional ethics, and the wordpress team.

Secondly, I have replied to every comment posted, please refer to the articles of your original replies and you will see my little ‘compliment reply’ attached. And for those who had asked for my assistance on their political and social enterprises projects, I am still available to help, on pro bona, as I love to give back to the ”small” communities, especially those attempting wholeheartedly to building a model of alternatives to what is seen as the only option of democratic system.

Thirdly, for those in and around Leicestershire, in UK, I hope soon to start a membership club of the like-minded people, based on the model of the French-Salons of the Enlightenment Age, where intellectual and revolutionary ideas and issues will be discussed openly and new ones developed. The social-political ideological inclination of the Society will be one based on ‘Local Autonomy’, that the New City-State Age; where for example, Birmingham, will have all the powers to rule and govern herself, tax and make laws on her citizens, to raise and to declare wars by herself, and central government in London reduced to ”EU Commission” Court, where each city-state will send an elected-representative as their Diplomat to such a court; Central Government will be just an Institution of Arbitration and Inter-Relational Watchdog, between the states and the states and other side nations (as each state will be free to implement and conduct their own free foreign policies and trade). These Ideas can be found in the very early pages of the blog under the title ”The Alternative Model for Anglo-Democracies”.



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