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Critical Thoughts On ISIS Defections (1), US Contemporary Politics (Incl.Presidency of Obama & Fiorina-Sonnenfeld Fued) & On The Value of Child-Bearing Today

This post is a brief discussion (a la critical thinking) on; Rethinking ISIS Defection: a point I strongly argued – and urged – in support for our western policy-makers thinking as best option than bombing, for weeks now; even before the recent newly published ICSR Report recommendation on similar lines. On Contemporary US Politics, including … Continue reading

Merchants of Chaos: Evil-Stupid Genius of Western Powers

Very briefly. Syria is next. After failures of proxies in performance and wasted funds and resources western powers are now getting into it slow-but-rapid [mission creep]; special forces boots on grounds, drones etc. Have we forgotten Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen and other indirect covert involvements such as Egypt, Tunisia, Mali, Somalia, Niger, Nigeria, Chad, Burkina … Continue reading