Areas of Capabilities & Interests


  • Political Intelligence
  • Operations
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Geopolitical Intelligence (Africa, MENA, West/NATO)
  • Strategic Intelligence
  • HUMINT (Identifying, Vetting, Organizing and Running)
  • Human Terrain Analysis


  • Strategic Leadership and Positioning
  • (Political and Security) Strategic Risk Analysis
  • Military Strategy & Doctrinal Analysis
  • Strategic Analysis, Planning and Management
  • Strategic Intelligence


  • Psychological and Informational Operations (PSYOPS/MISO)
  • Crisis & Conflict Management
  • Public Relations and Affairs

Areas of Interests:

Small Wars and Covert Action;

  • Terrorism, Urban and Rural Guerrilla War, Insurgency, Resistance, Partisan, Armed and Non-Armed Revolutions, Political Warfare, Special Forces Operations, Civil Affairs.


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