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European Jasmine Revolution

New Update: #EuropeanJasmineRevolution (the philosophical dilemma)

I just thought I repeat this point here, as it has that philosophical dilemma within the concept of foreign ‘Humanitarian Interventions’: If we accept that we are by law and ‘god’ (for gods-nuts) we are expected to ‘intervene’ in faraway sovereign nations affairs, for the claimants of ‘justice and order’, the question is:

Could we accept, hypothetically-speaking, if these Spanish ”Rebels”, or European ”Rebels” starting calling for the new Far Eastern Powers of China, Russia, or even African Union, to come and intervene on their behalf, in order to protect them from the ‘atrocities’ of our local security services in suppressing their freedoms to speech, to protest, to reforms and grievances, ARE WE GOING TO ACCEPT THIS (even if, hypothetically-speaking again, the UN passed a resolution for the intervention)???????

The Revolution will not be televised, the ‘father’ of rap, i believe, just passed away yesterday, and I am using this to show the truth of his statement to date, as Spanish/ European Jasmine Revolution, is blanked out of the mainstream media, as the force of the states security apparatus crushes ruthlessly these peaceful protesters (Are we going to accept ”Humanitarian Intervention” from China, Africa Union, Latin America, or even United States? If we can do to others, why not them to us?).


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