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Sunday Papers: 29.05.11

Good all around headlines, of usual interests, with few distorted stories, the undermining and defacing of private manning is one of them, by the Guardian newspaper, my theory is they, The Guardian, has been finding it hard to leave strangled-out of key insiders snippets (the chinese for whispers and information leaks), and they seemed to have been forced to make a deal, find away to create a distrust in the minds of your readers and public of the ‘hero-fied’ private manning and we will bring you back into the loop. SO they set out to destroy the lad. Should be a lesson for all those in future would like to share with the rest of the world the evils undertakings of our democratic governments, should never ever seek to leak through the mainstream media, even if the pay is high and in plenty, but rather, leak it through open sources platforms, and they will get their way to the mainstream media, as they are looking and in huinger of stories, just take a look at their twitter or facebook tags, ”if you have a story, please contact me”. They will in the end turn on you, after they have had their circus and profit from the stories.

Well, just have a browse through the editions, for keeping busy, not earth-shuttering headlines, but good for entertainment, and critic. There is a story on UK training Middle Eastern forces opf suppression and tortures, as if we did not know that. There is another on the usual propaganda on Libya, again Russia is there with us, mis-presented untruthful interpretation of the real statement (we expected that too; seems like the media have won in conditioning us to be never surprised again by their lies and spins, so to us we take it as a normal habits of borderline-truth, ”the bigger the lie, and the repetition the greater the effect; thank you doctor Goebbels.).

Well, this is it for me.

Have an excellent day.

(oh yeah, The European Jasmine Revolution is spreading even if it is not being televised yet (they wont be able to resist that much for any longer if it does keep going: Germans are out and about, Spainards, Italians, Greeks, Portugese and soon the French are already rallying around the social media).


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