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Washington Post: Scales-Ollivant & The Age of Smart Terrorist Armies

Opinions Terrorist armies fight smarter and deadlier than ever Masked Hamas supporters take part in a protest against against the Israeli offensive on Gaza strip, in the West Bank city of Nablus July 31, 2014. (Abed Omar Qusini/Reuters) By Robert H. Scales and Douglas Ollivant August 1 Robert H. Scales, a retired Army major general, … Continue reading

Al-Qaeda 3.0: How I Might Have Architected The New Global Jihadists’ Strategy (Read It Here)

Last year I friend asked me to formulate an actual working ‘Jihadist’ Strategy with a chance of success against these groups more powerful enemies (sort of devil’s advocates), and below are a series of ‘essays or communiques’ I wrote playing the role of a principal modern Jihadist strategist. Reading these you might see some of … Continue reading

[[RE-EDITED]]ISIS & IRAQ: The Hidden Facts and Consequences for Regional and International Security

What has recent surprise operational successes in Iraq by the militant Islamic group known as Islamic State of Iraq and Syria/Sham taught us? One is that the organisation is without a doubt a mix of the old Baathist Special Republican Forces with excellent military knowledge and skills who somehow ‘became Islamized’ or ‘radicalised into extremist … Continue reading

The Sealed Fate: The Killing of Osama Bin Laden & The Disintegration of Al-Qaeda

The article can be found here [as a pdf file: 5 doubled-spaced pages] or reprinted below in full.   THE ARTICLE   Is Global Jihadism disintegrating? This articles argues that it might be, as I argue that Abbottabada Raid that killed Osama bin Laden appeared to have been much more critical than initially received. The Raid, … Continue reading

Stephen M. Walt On FP: Top 10 warning signs of ‘liberal imperialism’

Are you a liberal imperialist? Liberal imperialists are like kinder, gentler neoconservatives: Like neocons, they believe it’s America’s responsibility to right political and humanitarian wrongs around the world, and they’re comfortable with the idea of the United States deciding who will run countries such as Libya, Syria, or Afghanistan. Unlike neocons, liberal imperialists embrace and … Continue reading

Are The Contemporary Islamic Fighters Dictating The ”Terror Wars”?

A simple unmissable fact: Modern Islamic Insurgencies appear to be firmly in control of the general status of the contemporary global violence, in the sphere of so-called ”global war on terror”. It does seem that, utilizing the popular guerrilla tactics and strategies and the general wisdom of military strategy, the Contemporary Islamic Insurgencies are [a] … Continue reading

Is Thailand Next After Mali?

The simple question is: Is there a pattern of strategic master-strokes of Islamic Insurgency Worldwide and their abilities to shift contemporary battlefields from Central Asia to Middle East, to Africa, Europe, to Far East Asia etc?

Gordon Adams FP Article: Continental Shift

  Continental Shift Why the Pentagon should pay less attention to Africa. BY GORDON ADAMS | JANUARY 25, 2013 The U.S. military has left Iraq and will leave Afghanistan soon. One might assume that this means a lower level of U.S. military operations overseas. Not so fast. Military operations in Mali and the connected Algerian … Continue reading

My New PressTV article is up: On Contemporary Geopolitics

Here is the direct link to PressTV website.

My Published Article On PressTV

Here are few of my published articles on PressTV. Second on Syria as Modern Spanish Civil War Third Submitted as Yet to be published (pdf): syria extension Fourth Submitted as Yet to be published (pdf): The Resistance

Al-Qai’da Jihad:Is It Not A Model Of Military Strategic Excellence But Not An Overall Strategic Execellence (Making Strategy: Mixing Political Strategy Is The Key To Total Victory)

Every time I analyze Al-Qa’ida strategic behaviour I am left just amazed and at time with a true admiration, as a defence-security analyst, in recognition of how the group’s military strategy is, and has been, without a doubt an absolute model of a military excellence. However, when also examined one thing that comes out fairly … Continue reading