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Vindication: Lagarde, Crooked As I Once Said She Might Be

International Monetary Fund -IMF- appears to be a place where the crooked personalities thrive the most, as most recent (thus to avoid the long list throughout it’s history) we had Messr. Strauss-Kahn, the King-Pimp and now, of course, even before her nomination I stated confidently that the present incumbent, Miss. Lagarde, would win because she … Continue reading

I am Looking For An Agent/Publicity For Personal Representation

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The Dictator & Sacha Baron Cohen: Telling It As it Is (The Truth about Contemporary Politics, Society and Economics). HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Yesterday we watched The Dictator, and I was not disappointed, the general film is the usual Cohenasque satirical silliness, but it is the essence of the story that was interesting. For example; Cohen’s Main Character: The Dictator embodied the contemporary Arab Spring targeted-ruling tyrants, with a symbolic focus on Libyan Gaddaffi as presented via Cohen’s … Continue reading

In Memoriam: A Poem For A Fallen Soldier

The Hunting Wolves in the Foreign Lands, we laid in waiting, winter, Spring, Summer and Fall, all passed by, and we still waited…. came the time, we readily went out, and faced the enemy, through the sights, young & fools, yes we were, always ready, to fight others wars, then we started, to ask for … Continue reading

Protected: Three Sources of Wealth: Inheritance, Luck & Crime

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A Defining Decade (2000-2010), A Year of Attempted-Protests (2011) & A New Year of Realpolitiks (2012)

A Defining Decade: 2000-2010 So, we all have been lucky to have lived such an eventful and action-packed decade, a truly defining years, from 2000 and the election of perhaps the worst US and any where else in the world, pres. G. W. Bush, Jnr (see this post: https://geopoliticalintelligence.wordpress.com/2011/12/14/george-w-bush-jr-a-man-true-to-his-character-and-so-headlines/), who actually single-handedly redefined the US … Continue reading

Joke of the Day (Courtesy of D. N., with headlines)

I would like to thanks David N. for this joke, just absolute pure genius, he is a very intelligent man after all (google David Navarre for his account in the LinkedIn, if you need any of his professional services, I can assure you, one is in the good hands: yes a personal recommendation) anyway here … Continue reading

Announcement: SS Salem–Official as a Consulting Specialist

Ladies & Gents, Friends et al., I have been very busy recently trying to clear up a room to set up my new office; more professional, and still under-way, but the point is, I am soon coming to you as a professional consulting specialist in Global Affairs, that, political, military and security, and of course … Continue reading

The Greatest Secret: How To Win Against Anyone, Just Don’t Fight!!

”For to win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill.” Sun Tzu, The Art of War. The above quotation is from the infamous ancient strategist, Master Sun Tzu, which has been promiscuously used without really evidence that those … Continue reading

Foxes: A Study of Nature’s Military Strategists (le petite guerres)

Good Day To You All. I have always been an enthusiast student of nature; be it that of humans or animals, and more recently, that since last year, whenever I had free time, or just lucky to be in the same presence as the object of my most recent fascination, the foxes, I have always … Continue reading

South Sudan & African-Balkanisation: A New Age of The African-Nationalism & The Race Towards Internal-Decolonisation

THE MAIN DISCUSSION: SOUTH SUDAN INDEPENDENCE AND ITS CONTINENTAL-EFFECTS. How the independence of the Republic of South Sudan is without a doubt, probably, going to set unprecedented demands from the rest of the continental nationalists and secessionists groups. A GEOGRAPHICAL CASE-STUDIES: Lets take, for example, the Swahili-Bantu of The Coastal Area of Kenya, who strongly … Continue reading

Why being Born In Ghettos/Projects as Poor Is a Blessing?

There is a lot of theories sorrounding human nature and how we are always related to past life, the psychological-cord that affect us all and so forth. And the major theory around all these is the one on natural selection by Charles Darwin, who generalised a micro-observation into a ‘societal trend’ in explaining and justifying … Continue reading

The Global Economic Crisis & The SuperRich (getting filthy rich)

This is a very short article, discussing how the super rich are actually reaping more rewards and gains from the global economic crisis and political turmoil of the Middle East, and the other parts of the world. As visible through commodities fluctuations prices, stock markets instability and the rising numbers of billionaires, who were once … Continue reading

Top Posts On The Blog: Voted By You!

Thanks for the reading and following the blog, first and foremost. Secondly, in numerical standard I will list these top posts, with a brief synopsis of the respective articles. These are; 1. Three Faces of Democracy: A Typological Analysis. This is based on my thesis that, Democracies comes in three varieties/models; the absolute perfect ‘free … Continue reading

Book Review: On Anatole Kalentsky ‘Capitalism 4.0’ (After Completion)

Well, for those who will remember, we had a first review of the book already last month, and literary sum-it-up as, a typical economist-looking-for-clients for their products, through ‘fear-mongering with hope’: we will beat Authoritarian China; Capitalist Democracy rule; and so forth. Now, after completing the book, and should confess, I jumped pages, as you … Continue reading

Organisational Success: The psychologies, The Cultures and The Managament

This paper is based on the analysis of the few business firms and most importantly in reference to the sporting organisations and their success, which I see depends on not the ‘architectural synergy’, that enforced and superficial, but rather a ‘natural synergy’ based on the three mutual-supporting-pillars of psychological easiness, cultural harmony and managerial leadership. … Continue reading

Two Ideas I had Today (after a chat with Ephraim, A close Friend)

Today while having a chat with Ephraim, a close friend of mine, the greater philosopher, and we were talking about economics, and how poor states seemed to be staying poorer with all natures-blessed capital resources (I think someone had just finished reading is it John Kays book, I forgot the title; I think is some … Continue reading

Thanking My Readers & Fans: Centennial Mark! (Replies and New Society)

I would like to thanks all the readers, visitors and fans of this web-blog, and those prospective clients who tool their business hectic time to read and appreciate my professional ethics, and the wordpress team. Secondly, I have replied to every comment posted, please refer to the articles of your original replies and you will … Continue reading

On Political Economics: Adam Smith, The Socialist!!!

The first time around I read Adam Smith’s great ”over-rated” work, the Wealth of a Nation, I was sixteen years old, and all that Victorian-lingua mostly passed over my head, and what got stuck was the popular ideo-marketing of his theory as that of a Liberal Democratic Economics, of Laissez-Faire, free market. So, as many … Continue reading

Global Affairs: How Development Aid is Again regaining its natural use as a Soft Power, to influence and command Developing Countries.

The rise of development aid budget, and actors, even those on the receiving ends are themselves seemed to conduct a ”revolving door’ policy on this new international relations tool of influence. Russia, India, Brazil and so forth, they all receive foreign international aid, but now they themselves are starting to implement their own foreign aid … Continue reading