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Top Posts On The Blog: Voted By You!

Thanks for the reading and following the blog, first and foremost.

Secondly, in numerical standard I will list these top posts, with a brief synopsis of the respective articles. These are;

1. Three Faces of Democracy: A Typological Analysis.

This is based on my thesis that, Democracies comes in three varieties/models; the absolute perfect ‘free democracy’, not a reality but an idealist favourite; The Command Model, that of many ”non-democratic societies”; and finally, the most practised and favoured approach of The Mixed-Model of first and second.

2. The Labour Articles

From the psychological Analysis on the leadership, to policy analysis, structural and strategic needs for change, see Labour-Category.

3. The Psychological Profiling of the Coalition Leaders

Just as the tin says.

4. The Environmental Articles

5. The Libyan Political, Psychological and Military Studies (very popular)

5. AirPower Study and Urban Operations articles (Command of the Cities)

6. Alternative Model of Democracy

7. Analysis on the Afghan and War on Terror/Terrorism

8. The Research on Multiculturalism

9. An Article in Reply of Mr. Con Coughlin of Daily Telegraph and his pathetic excuse for the British Armed Forces Deteriorating Combat Effectiveness

10. Libyan COIN Ops: as a model for a serious studies

11. The Foreign Office and British Foreign Policy Shamble

12. A Study on Leaderless West, as young and un-experienced new leaders take hold of the highest seats of powers, lacking direction and so forth.

13. Big Society as the winning ticket for Tories.

14. Advanced Civil Espionage Articles (two)

and Finally, the Somalification of Libya.

Thanks all, and keep (hoping) Reading.


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