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On The New ‘Hispanics’ United States: The Internal Crisis (we left out of discussion, previously)

Today, the Washington Post has an excellent piece on an old issue that which might be, with greater probability, the most significant factor in contributing to the United States Internal Crisis and Decline, as a result of internal conflicts between ‘the to-be white-minorities’ and the new ‘to-be non-white majorities’ (with memories full of humiliations). Find … Continue reading

On British Politics: To Understand the Character of The Contemporary Labour Party, First Observe Mr. Blair

The Corruption, The Web of Criminal Network & Activities, The Natural-Fondness for Fraud, The Caesarian Pomp and Greed for Power, The Undifferentiated Elitism and ‘Better Than The Rest of Torism’, and so forth. These very hallmarks of Tony Blair are applicable and observable of the character of the more contemporary Labour Party; out of touch … Continue reading

A Critical Thought: How Does Modern War Victors Get The War Booty?

This is just a thought that I heard while reading the past, as I asked myself ”How do the modern victors, especially, the ‘humanitarian intervening democracies’, make those defeated to pay for the military campaign?’. The answer, so simple and so devious, as it is unobservable to the naked eyes, even critical eyes, I have … Continue reading

Announcement: SS Salem–Official as a Consulting Specialist

Ladies & Gents, Friends et al., I have been very busy recently trying to clear up a room to set up my new office; more professional, and still under-way, but the point is, I am soon coming to you as a professional consulting specialist in Global Affairs, that, political, military and security, and of course … Continue reading

The Rise of Mercenaries & The End of ”Nations”: The Old Curse

Today at least I have what little time to spare and have penned-down two articles, WoW. Anyway, what I am going to discuss here, in the second article of the day, briefly is that, ever since the humans begun to depend on each other through close-knitted societies with the usual social stratifications, it was the … Continue reading

On The Imperial United States (Part II): The Origins and The Resistance

”We must always remember that the United States of America is to some extent an ideological power which originated, just like the Soviet Union, from a Revolution, and therefore feels the need to guide the rest of the world in accordance with its principles as an essential part of her foreign policy” Eric Hobsbawn The … Continue reading

Not The End of the US Global Power, It is the Beginning-Maturity Phase!

Recently while undertaking the previously mentioned research project on the Rise and Fall of Global Powers, I came across more of the same old cries of an end of the American Global Power, that began, seemingly, with the Cold War Race for Global share of Dominating-Power, between the US and USSR. The hidden meaning to … Continue reading

In Dialogue With My Dearest Effi (Ephraim) On The Coming Age of Western Colonization (Part II)

After the recent post ”The Unthinkable: The Great Scramble For The West!!!” (Please See The Next Post Below), I met up with my ‘muse’, Ephraim Daniels, a Close and Dearest Jewish Friend of mine, and a Doctorate student of Philosophy. The topic of conversation was the above aforementioned post; the coming colonisation of the West. … Continue reading

The Unthinkable: The Great Scramble For The West!!!!

Perhaps, these little lines I am penning at the present might well be enough to create my immortality, or ridicule, whatever of the two, I can not stay silent but state what I seem to have stumble upon by accident. Recently, I have been researching in the ”Rise and Falls of The Great Powers”, for … Continue reading

A Political Analysis: The Art Of Electoral-Rigging/Fraud (A Western Democracies Model)

If you commit a crime in non-western states, these are labelled for what they are; corruption is corruption, with a capital C; electoral fraud, is electoral fraud; murder, murder; corporate fraud, etc…… But in the west, we fight hard through a ‘team of special PR people’ supported by the media, possibly blackmailed not to ”undermine … Continue reading

Analysis On The Contemporary Muslim-Jewish Conflicts

On my ”Selected Political Essays”, I looked briefly at what would happen in the Middle East, as I predicted the so-called ”Arab Revolts”, and in the final essay, ”Global Strategic Forecast: 2010-2050”, I looked at what would such a regional discontent mean to the Jews of the Greater Palestine: the essays can be located at … Continue reading

What Is The Meaning and Utility of The Secret Security Services, Really?

In the so-called age of ”Global War On Terror” and the Media-Spins, we have never been further away from the old ”fascination” and discussions of what it is, really, that sect, known to us as the secret security services, especially when applied to our ‘democratic’ western states? Away from all the usual crappers of the … Continue reading

The Greatest Secret: How To Win Against Anyone, Just Don’t Fight!!

”For to win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill.” Sun Tzu, The Art of War. The above quotation is from the infamous ancient strategist, Master Sun Tzu, which has been promiscuously used without really evidence that those … Continue reading