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In response to Ephraim Further Enquiries on Global Inequality

Ephraim emailed me earlier this morning and asked ‘How would one go about implementing the policy of ‘Corporate Strangle’ (as he referred to) in order to create the Great Mass Exodus to the South?” Well. This is my reply.

My Dear Ephraim,

First I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being the sole drive towards the theory you have come to term as the ‘Corporate Strangle’, myself, I would refer ”The Theory of Deniability”.

Secondly, in response to your enquiry I would say, first, the theory of deniability, (hereafter, the theory) is intended to profit the Northern rich states, at the same time, that, it seeks an equal-ilibrium (not misspelled) of global wealth, in terms of levels of workforce proficiency, effectiveness and degree of knowledge and skills through universal set of training programmes and activities. Secondly, by denying and forcing the great exodus form the rich states of the north of these juggernauts of global multinational corporations, the theory, seeks to create internal expansionary mentality of these corporations, not depending on the rich markets and workforce alone, at the same time creating investment for the poor, and thus allowing the new SMEs to come in and fill the void, left inside the rich states.

Let take analogical example based on a family unit. We have the parents (the states) and the children (the corporations). Now if these children keep growing and growing, and staying static, venturing not far away from the comfort of their neighbourhood, these will create hatred and animosity, through monopolisation of the local neighbourhoods by this family’s children, and at the same time, suppressing the new local creativity and chances, while at the same time, not taking chance of venturing into outer peripheral of neighbourhoods, who might have the need, in terms of demands and supply, of products and workforces, commodities and capital in retaining these, and so forth. You see the point.

Anyway, I have to go for now, and hope will meet later for more detailed exchanges of further ideas, and what you might need to take from this, is that the Theory of deniability is for the ”common good” of the global societies, the rich, the poor, and the private fat-cats. (could not resist it, alas, haha).


This was the replied email sent to Ephraim, I thought I reprint here for the readers benefit, if Ephraim had a further enquiry, probably you lot had the same, and I hope at the present the above explanation as at least provided some answers to your questions.

Please do not hesitate to contact myself with any further enquiries or issues.


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