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President Kwame Nkrumah Must Read Paper: Understand the Politics of Neo-Colonialism and Imperialism

To understand today’s so-called liberalisation of the world by western states, from the so-called colour revolutions to ”Arab Spring”, IMF and World Bank ”Philanthropic activities” across the third world, READ this little work, just focus on chapter One. The work was written in the 1960s by Ghana’s first independent President, Mr. Kwame Nkrumah and still … Continue reading

Koch Brothers Exposed (Documentary & New Yorker Article): MUST MUST SEE & READ (Especially, If An American)!!!!!

See The Documentary Here (direct to Video Link hosted at FileBox): Koch Brothers Exposed what the documentary and it’s real-life events leave someone with is the fearful sense of what the ‘mob’/masses can do when pushed and pushed and pushed, or ignored or trampled upon etc, they will fight back with uncontrollable passion, occupy and … Continue reading

Contemporary Africans & Middle Easterners Tacitly Helping in Erecting New Colonialism Foundations For Their Nations & People

The point of this brief article is this: The Greater Africa and Middle East are both slowly recreating, with eager helping hand, new colonial foundations for their respective regions, nations and people, while South America & Asia is no longer susceptible to ‘colonial creep’. What is colonialism? Is the domination with tacit acceptance of the … Continue reading

The Dictator & Sacha Baron Cohen: Telling It As it Is (The Truth about Contemporary Politics, Society and Economics). HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Yesterday we watched The Dictator, and I was not disappointed, the general film is the usual Cohenasque satirical silliness, but it is the essence of the story that was interesting. For example; Cohen’s Main Character: The Dictator embodied the contemporary Arab Spring targeted-ruling tyrants, with a symbolic focus on Libyan Gaddaffi as presented via Cohen’s … Continue reading

On The Debate Over Surveillance and ‘Democracies’

Recently, I held a small private debate on ‘democracies’ and surveillance, and during the debate I asked the attendees to take a simple thought away with them—- ”It was not that the danger is with the implementation of these undemocratic bills, but rather it was even discussed in open within ‘sacred’ democratic institutions, such as … Continue reading

Welcome To Soviet-UK! (Everything You Do, From Entrance To Exit, We Are Watching & Listening. Thank You)

http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/apr/01/government-email-social-network-surveillance In the US, they have similar program brought under Bush Administration, known fully as TSP (Terrorist Surveillance Program?????). Anyway, this is our, UK, final frontier of whatever ‘privacy’ we might had, as the law is about to be re-introduced (and probably passed) that will carpet the entire little Britain with Stasi technologies of eavesdropping, … Continue reading

Spot the Difference: Fascism Under The Fascists Proto-Democrats & Fascism Under the Liberal Proto-Democrats

This article from the Guardian under lines the Fascismification of the west, as others stories of new detainees laws, new terror bills, and so forth and Brutus said, ‘it is all for the well-being of the state, countrymen and women’ (I have two-fingers up). http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/mar/23/nypd-intelligence-monitored-liberal-groups Infiltration of anti-globalisations, environmentalists, school childrens playgrounds, churches, mosques, temples, … Continue reading

My Up-Coming Free E-Short-Book (MUST READ SYNOPSIS): The World of 20XX

In this book I will argue that there is an agressive revival of colonialism from the three states of European stock, 1. The US: From A Good Leader to A Corrupt Power First, The United States of America, though, she appears to be caught mostly between schizophrenic cartesian dualism of ‘to be or not to … Continue reading

My Community Project: As a Model For Joshua’s Search For Alternative

Joshua, a friend asked me how would an occupy movement and anonymous ‘fight-on’. I took him, which is highly unusual to my community, and I showed him how I created ‘a parallel government’, literary. You see, ladies and gents, I gave up all, literary, and only here, and through few ‘clients’ here and there, now … Continue reading

Highly Recommended Reading: Washington Post Article (Applies to UK as well)

This article is perhaps the most concise of the dangers emanated from the proliferated ”national security laws” within the leading democratic states of the west, that are impacting on the rights and freedoms of individuals, the very core, and centre of our values and of democratic civil liberties. To quote a very short, but powerful … Continue reading

What Is A State (Really)? And Their Strategic Cultures (Important to the Understanding on their Approaches to all Levels of Politics)?

Introduction: Understanding State-ism So, we have covered plenty this month, and today, we will take a look at exactly why we can predict states’ behaviours based on their make-up, histories, cultures, or what tends to be referred to as, strategic cultures of states. The aim is to approach and examine effect of regionalism on states, … Continue reading

The Real Dynamics of International History (Affairs): Resistance, War and Revolution (from the Age of Alexander to the Present) MUST READ!!!!!!!

Introduction: The Lies of International Scholars The single most important critic on the international academic works is that these do not present the world as it really is, but rather what they (a) hope it should be (b) or how it is from own ideological-cultural backgrounds (mirror-imaging). This problem can be traced throughout the western … Continue reading

Two Thoughts: On International Politics (how to play it?) & Economics (how to revive it?)

Dear All, I. The West and International Politics: Of the first thought, on the International Politics, which I intend to explore as a part of my PhD, my argument is that, the field (International Politics) is of primarily concern to only ‘the West’. Here there is a further division of who exactly in the ‘west’? … Continue reading

The Renaissance of The ”Leftist International Terrorism”: First Up–Germans & The New Baader Meinhof offspring!

A conversation with Rainer Wendt these days is enough to make anybody nervous. Wendt is the head of the German Police Union, one of two police unions in the country. And he says that the recent series of attacks on German rail facilities in and near Berlin this week has convinced him that Germany is … Continue reading

On British Politics: To Understand the Character of The Contemporary Labour Party, First Observe Mr. Blair

The Corruption, The Web of Criminal Network & Activities, The Natural-Fondness for Fraud, The Caesarian Pomp and Greed for Power, The Undifferentiated Elitism and ‘Better Than The Rest of Torism’, and so forth. These very hallmarks of Tony Blair are applicable and observable of the character of the more contemporary Labour Party; out of touch … Continue reading

On The Imperial United States (Part II): The Origins and The Resistance

”We must always remember that the United States of America is to some extent an ideological power which originated, just like the Soviet Union, from a Revolution, and therefore feels the need to guide the rest of the world in accordance with its principles as an essential part of her foreign policy” Eric Hobsbawn The … Continue reading

Not The End of the US Global Power, It is the Beginning-Maturity Phase!

Recently while undertaking the previously mentioned research project on the Rise and Fall of Global Powers, I came across more of the same old cries of an end of the American Global Power, that began, seemingly, with the Cold War Race for Global share of Dominating-Power, between the US and USSR. The hidden meaning to … Continue reading

The Greatest Secret: How To Win Against Anyone, Just Don’t Fight!!

”For to win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill.” Sun Tzu, The Art of War. The above quotation is from the infamous ancient strategist, Master Sun Tzu, which has been promiscuously used without really evidence that those … Continue reading

Why The World Needs A Communism-Renaissance? (copyrighted: I am writing a little book on this)

One does not need to be a Communist to appreciate this little fact, that, the multi-polarity of International Affairs is rather a big failed sham. The Concept has never really worked, in balancing interests and creating harmony in inter-relations, as the liberal-idealists schools would have it, and thus, this phenomenon of international politics, has rather … Continue reading


Well, again, this is the part of the series on the ‘New Anglo-Democracy Model’, and as promised today we will just briefly outline the alternative model of a banking system, on par to full nationalisation. The Idea was as a result of my discussion with a very radical socialist friend of mine, who seemed, as … Continue reading