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Organisational Success: The psychologies, The Cultures and The Managament

This paper is based on the analysis of the few business firms and most importantly in reference to the sporting organisations and their success, which I see depends on not the ‘architectural synergy’, that enforced and superficial, but rather a ‘natural synergy’ based on the three mutual-supporting-pillars of psychological easiness, cultural harmony and managerial leadership.

I will discuss this natural synergy and its role on successful organisations, based onthe examination of few sporting and business entities.

Lets take yesterday’s champions league final. Barcelona can be observed to be embedded by all these from the pre-match analysis, the strength and harmony of the players relations, and their manager, the respect for the club, the pride (the cultural), the special-elite culture, and the roiloe of Guardiola, the manager, all these paid dividends at the end for the club. But this success is the result of years of investment and strengthening of cultural bonds between the club, the community (the socio-political of Catalinas), the players (past, present and new-coming), the leadership (owners and managers) all these took decades of foundation, with a strategic eye on their goal, not for victory, but for nurturing of this ‘natural synergy’, knowingly, it will naturally lead to victory and successes in future. Another club with such a strategic eye (I call this model, of strategic approach to future, today, the Japanese model of strategic thinking, unlike that of the western model of ‘the child approach’, the I-Want-It-Now without thinking of the future consequences, hence, the banks, the governments, the businesses, and the public, all to be blamed with the recent bust-and-boom economic crisis).

Anyway, coming back another team implementing this is of course Manchester United, but now, it has been taken over by Manchester City, as they are rebuilding for the future successes, while United Ownership, the Americans, seeks ‘The Now-Gratification’ of Profits, selling fixed assets, the key players, and so forth, while City keep hold of it. Reminds myself, of another of the greatest of the English Football Giants, Arsenal. This club is so successful in nurturing and producing extraordinary talents, but have never been able to rip field successes, the reason simply being, they seem to be more of an investment management club of talent than a competitive sporting club; producing talents for others, not for own successes. Hence, they are the most poached club in the world, from Theirry, to Fabregas, Viera and so forth, the list is too long.

In short, ladies and gentleman, success of an organisation, be it, a sporting club, a business, powerful corporations, governments, political parties, social clubs and societies, need to have a ”Shared Values, Cultures, Outlook and Perception of inward and outwards (the psychological make-up), and a flexible mutating leadership, which knows when to rule with an iron-fist and when to let the reins free, and with all these looking at tomorrow, and never totally occupied with the present (Japanese Model)”. This is my model of Organisational Success.


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