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Protected: Pax Latina: Why The Next Century Belongs to South Americans (and not US, China, or EU)

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Revision: Iran Will (i.e. Will) Win A War Against Any Possible Western Aggression in Persia.

I, as many, in the past, armed with a limited resources and sources, have stated Iran will be beaten to the ground by US-led coalition in the coming war, but here I want to revise completely my old thesis, and say, after what I just saw, few numbers and few materials, and after spending two … Continue reading

The Next Diplomatic Option On The Iran Nuclear Crisis: READ

What is the next diplomatic option available for the western powers on Iran Nuclear goals? Since Iran claims it nuclear activities are intended primarily for civil use, I ask, why not negotiate on business-like approach an option to integrate (non-)western Arabian, Africans and Latin Americans allies or non-aligned states experts, that, nuclear physicists and engineers, … Continue reading

Revised and Detailed Article On African Politics and Security

A Report on South Sudan & It’s Probable Effect on African-Balkanisation: A New Age of The African-Nationalism & The Race Towards Internal-Decolonisation. BY: S. S. Salim. July 9th 2011. Pdf-version much better and detailed: A Report on The African Geo-Politics and Security SOUTH SUDAN INDEPENDENCE AND ITS CONTINENTAL-EFFECTS. This report briefly examines how the independence … Continue reading

My Report on The Relationship Between The States and Arms Trafficking (illicit and licit)

Please find below my recent report on the ‘state of arms trafficking’. It is an eight-page report. arms trafficking Usual Headlines: http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/01/23/us-africa-spenders-luxury-idUSTRE80M0EE20120123 http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/jan/23/gaddafi-loyalists-bani-walid http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2090809/Small-business-owners-ready-employees-bleak-economic-state.html http://europe.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052970203718504577179070432000002.html?mod=WSJEurope_hpp_LEFTTopStories http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2012/jan/23/tsas-intrusions-undermine-security/ http://www.nytimes.com/2012/01/24/nyregion/in-police-training-a-dark-film-on-us-muslims.html?hp http://www.nytimes.com/2012/01/24/us/police-use-of-gps-is-ruled-unconstitutional.html?hp http://www.nytimes.com/2012/01/24/us/ex-cia-officer-john-kiriakou-accused-in-leak.html?hp http://www.spiegel.de/international/germany/0,1518,810773,00.html http://www.theatlanticwire.com/national/2012/01/guilty-marine-haditha-massacre-faces-three-months-jail/47740/

Prediction: Qatar The New Upcoming Battlefield For Al-Qa’ida & It’s Affiliates in Arabian Peninsular.

This is a simple arithmetics. The more there is a visible alignment from one of the Arabian rulers with the the western powers bloc, the more they become target-preys for the resistance forces in the Islamic World, and contribute to this resistance to spread, ink-bot style. My thesis is simply this. We all have errorneously … Continue reading

A Research Study That Would Have Seen Me Dead: The Evils of Secret Security Services

Death or Life: Recent Option Recently, I was secretly approached by someone to write a paper on the secret security services. This was to be based on my previous analysis on these actors, as incredibly dangerous to democracy, the principal source of general instabilities and wars, and masters of terrorism. The request was to ”dig … Continue reading

Defense-Offense Debate: Focusing on Aerial Defense in The Age of Smart Military Technologies

Introduction: Why The Idiots are Dangerous We all know, probably, for those, at least, engaged in defence affairs, how new breed of military policy sellers have championed the death of Clausewitz, his thoughts on the superiority of the defense over the offense, and technologies, still persistingly and idiotic claiming to be superior over humans. Of … Continue reading

The Clearer Picture of The World: Spiegel on Economic Crisis & NYT on New Franco-Ottoman Imperial-Race in The Middle East

These two articles present an incredibly clearer and better picture than any other out there today. Article I: Der Spiegel International (English) examines the economic crisis, as a paradox of state’s own Ponzi Scheme. Fantastic Reading, thanks to author Alex Jung. http://www.spiegel.de/international/world/0,1518,806772,00.html Article II: New York Times Opinion Section. This article deals with the old … Continue reading

Protected: The Scramble For The Middle East New Mandate: Old Imperial Powers, New Nationalists.

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Protected: The Middle East & The Identification of the Western Achilles Heel: Below the Belt Decapitation Strike

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Protected: The Rise of Internal Political Unrests & Mistrusts: The Single Most Dangerous Threat To The West (The Growth Phase)

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Highly Recommended Reading: Washington Post Article (Applies to UK as well)

This article is perhaps the most concise of the dangers emanated from the proliferated ”national security laws” within the leading democratic states of the west, that are impacting on the rights and freedoms of individuals, the very core, and centre of our values and of democratic civil liberties. To quote a very short, but powerful … Continue reading

The Dirty Game of Espionage: Iran Killing It’s Nuclear Scientists!

This is just a brief introduction of my day’s club presentation. Iran is behind the killing of it’s own nuclear scientists, examine the patterns and behavioural executions. In short; 1– The claims of the western hand are wrong. Since the west have their own ‘signature’, as any other secret security services, or spying agencies, and … Continue reading

2011: The Official Independence Year For The #MiddleEast

The Year of Independence: 2011 will forever be remember in the annals of history books as the offficial year that which saw the almost completion of the Arabs Independence from the western mandated powers of post-WWII. The Random Events and the Consequences: The so-called Arab Spring, the Rise of Islamists parties and the continuing armed … Continue reading

COPYRIGHTED: The Age of Guerrilla Warfare In The Air (The #Drones Potentials for Asymmetric Actors)

This is a simple thesis article: Drones have made the potential of fighting ‘continental guerrilla warfare’ applicable and succesful in air combat. Today, most analysts and strategists have been bamboozled with the usual potentials of drones within the ‘standard theories of application’, in the business lingua, in-box thinking, or in further other words, failing to … Continue reading

COPYRIGHT: War Is A Continuation of A Failed Policy, from a weak actor!

Clausewitz recognised how his writings might be abused or misinterpreted long before his beloved wife printed these under the auspicious title ‘On War’. This misinterpretation or abuse, has always represented war as something unavoidable in the world, and between states. Of course this can be traced from the early classical-world writings of Thucydides (A History … Continue reading

Protected: Three Sources of Wealth: Inheritance, Luck & Crime

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Politico-Security Analysis: My Advice For China After US New Pacific Strategy–New Efforts to Restarting The Old-New Cold War

The Americans Post-Osama Shadows: The last nail that sealed the coffin for US ‘global intervention’, and militarisation crusade was the, still, debateable, ‘killing’ of Osama Bin Laden, the archenemy of the United Nation, and since this was the primary reason why Americans endured the over-spending on defence, the civil liberties crises and aggressive foreign policies, … Continue reading

On The Countdown To #Iranwar: There is One More Option For Iranians…Martydom Strategy (that will definitely destroy its arch-enemies)

We all have, myself included, ruled out any chance of an Iranian strategic benefit from the upcoming war with the west, however, there is always a little option left, the last ‘magic card’, for Iranians this might actually prefer the war to be NOW than the war later down the years or even months. What … Continue reading