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Are The Contemporary Islamic Fighters Dictating The ”Terror Wars”?

A simple unmissable fact: Modern Islamic Insurgencies appear to be firmly in control of the general status of the contemporary global violence, in the sphere of so-called ”global war on terror”.

It does seem that, utilizing the popular guerrilla tactics and strategies and the general wisdom of military strategy, the Contemporary Islamic Insurgencies are [a] tempting the west out of their own ”fortresses” to come to them, and then [b] poof, they disappear as they start ”hunting” down the intervening western forces via guerrilla tactics, while at the same time weakening ”defensive” capabilities at home, and in time without a doubt undertaking another major devastating operations supporting already planned ”lone wolves” operations.

The strategy is based on the core principles of military operations, namely the need to bring your opponent to you, by [a] just showing your face (poke him) or/and [b] hold something strategic (Mali, Niger, Thailand, Somalia etc), and they will come for you. This appears to be the basis of so-called ”irrational and a-strategic actors” (Islamic Insurgencies today) as most analysts and commentators have been lazy to define or characterize.

In short, so far we can confidently state it is the Islamic Insurgents and not the western alliances that freely define, dictate and seemingly winning the war!

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