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Critical Insight: Islamic State (ISIS) Gets Legitimacy As Only ‘True’ Islamic Revolutionary-Resistance Movement From Unlikely Source (Talibans & Jabhat Al-Nusra)!

To be very brief, I believe the recent three very significant coinciding events might prove very beneficial for ISIS in both short- and long-term strategic gains.

Of course I am talking about;

First, the recent Taliban’s leaders (Mullah Muhammad Omar) approval of his group’s political rapprochement and open-minded to talks with both the Afghan and Pakistan governments.

Secondly, the recent similar statement (or rather an interview) by al-Jolani Jabhat Al-Nusra leader (also acting as a senior member of the newly formed coalition under the umbrella of Jaysh al-fateh) of his desires to work with Middle Eastern ruling families (and known past relations with these states, esp. Qatar) and finally,..

Thirdly, the recent attempt to stem-off foreign fighters attraction to Islamic States and transition these incoming hordes of combatants to their own ranks (Jabhat like their coalition groups are known to be very selective in the past) by creating an entirely (and easy for enlistment) group called Al-Muhajiroun (the Foreigners: see this video) have all come together to not weaken but reinforce and strengthen Islamic State psychological, ideological and propaganda position and legitimacy vis-a-vis themselves and others (the external anti-ISIS coalition).

In short, these three key recent events will further strengthenĀ rather than weakening or undermining ISIS/Islamic State psychological, ideological and propaganda pre-existing positioning and legitimacy as the only TRUE revolutionary Islamic Resistance out there today and near future; a group which does not accept nothing short of a complete open baya (subjugation) to themselves not open to ”alliances’, ”diplomacy” etc as they will claim and have in the past. In other words, lets see if ISIS can have a keen eye to take an opportunity to exploit this very shambolic and strategic catastrophic deeds just enacted by group’s opponents.

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