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Transatlantic Treaty: Why It Will Not Work Without Provoking The World Into Armed Camps?

There is again another round of invented western self-delusional ”management concept”, in the traditions of the great ‘management consulting guru’ (or rather master conman, as the field is in general), that of transatlantic treaty or at times even so-nudged (to use another ”management conceptual tools”, mostly popular within the field of behavioural sciences) the Common Greater Transatlantic Treaty between the US, EU and of course the new rising star, South America.

Here is the simple reason why the thinkers, commentators, court-yes-men and others have either failed to [a] recognize out of cognitive biases, or [b] general intellectual inability to seriously criticizing the concept, or, lets be honest, [c] just pure laziness, idiocy or mere desperation. I personally see it as just out of sheer last sense of desperation to be able to embed a sense of self-delusional presence of command on the rapid deteriorating western global leadership, or general, positioning.

My personal views comes from my examination and understanding of the concept as nothing but a desperate attempt to salvage what is left of western power reserves vis-a-vis international system; thus a system borne out of desperation and largely embraced out of desperation (as argued above).

Now in answering the question why it will not work, we can argue that this time around, staying with the innate nature of the concept and practice (if ever to be instituted, and so to speak)sense of desperation, it is the west that is desperately seeking allies and alliances this time around to save their skin. It seems this time around it is not to the west that others are looking towards, but these either look to the east and south or inward (the revival of the old politics of nationalism as expected during economic crises). Finally, it seems to be a fact that everyone nowadays clearly appreciate this simple fact that it is the west who are desperate for alliances NOW!.

Throughout contemporary and recent past, the transatlantic trade and general relations has always been mutually amicable even during/with so-called ”little trade wars” periods, there was always the ‘taken for granted’ practice that resembles the newly proposed desperate concept; in other words, the concept and practice of transatlantic treaty is nothing new and the only thing that is new and embodied within it is the sheer desperation of the western states to reinstate the old Cold War ”War Council” crisis management approach to international affairs, a belligerent council without [a] an enemy, and [b] a war– but only imagined and constructed out of thin air enemies of the future (mostly China), and imagined great wars of the future (wars of resource competitions).

To sum up, the Transatlantic Treaty will never work because it is built on desperate all around it (from birth to essence) and not actual reality of efficiency or effectiveness, or even general feasibility. It is a desperate act from a desperate camp, with a zero chance of success other than causing more wars and redividing the world into allies and enemies again, while exploiting fear for security: the old western trick- you give us access to your resources at cheaper prices, we give your our armies (and collective security promises) as your private security!

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