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Talibani’s Azan Magazine: Reading The Mind of Violent Islamic Extremism

Having a Muslim-name, naturally, makes it necessary to distance myself from any readings or associations to/from violent Islamic Extreme groups materials, like AQAP and Inspire or Talibanis publications and so forth, or even their tweets, forums, facebooks and the likes, even though the field is part of my specialist area.

Anyway, today while reading this article from RT (Russia Today) with the download link to the publication, I decided to check it out for the first time (previous occasions I download Inspire Issue 10 but deleted without reading just browsing the content was enough to let me know what I am about to get myself into), so I downloaded the first issue of the Talibani’s new Online Magazine, Azan. As expected it is like sitting on a Group Therapy Session and gaining insight into the inner secrets of the rest or particular group member and then at the end of it saying, ”Wow, that person is a first-class nutcase, he or she scares the shit out of me”; this is what one gets from such a reading (it is a reading limited to fellow nutters)!

In short, I know why I have never missed anything from reading these idiots version to Jihad and would probably not recommend these to anyone unless, of course, those specialists (I chose not, even based on the necessity of my professionalism, to engage anymore myself).



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