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CISPA, Security Services & My Own Personal Experiences

A. The Intrusive New Measures and Security Services So there are passing the intrusive bill. I told you, they can not be stopped, anything, literary anything, the secret security services (gestapos, stasis and so forth) wants you can be sure they will always get it; after all it is not just for them and their … Continue reading

Excellent Reading: Amy Goodman and Intelligence Services Rogueness

Remember in the past I stated how the intelligence services are actual rulers of ‘democracies’; manipulating elections (even in Egypt they just achieved to ‘positioning’ finally Mr. Amr Moussa, the pro-western former Mubarak regime FM, and others), blackmailing uncorruptable public represenatives and political leaders, assasination and intimidations, and so forth. Here is an excellent repetition … Continue reading

My Recent Analyses supported By The Media: Heywood as MI6 Spy; The Truth on The Arab Spring etc

[A] The Times on Heywood as MI6, (UK) writes; ”Pressure to reveal if murdered Briton was spy in China: William Hague under pressure from MPs to reveal whether British businessman Neil Heywood worked as a spy before his mysterious death”. Then it goes on it’s usual business of war lobbying: ”The Syrian dictator’s forces have … Continue reading

Reality Check: The Arab Spring & The West Counter-revolutionary successes (How the west still rule the middle east?)

Introduction: The West Still Rule The Arabs So, after the euphoria and idiocy from all corners and sources, and for those of us who saw where the ”revolutions” were going, we can all clearly congratulate the western counter-revolutionary efforts against ‘popular democratic” interests and desires. In short, the middle east of today is not any … Continue reading

Russia, The West & Cold War II: My Special FSB Report

————-Declassified————- Here is my report, playing the role of an FSB strategic agent, analysing ‘Russia in contemporary world (of the Cold War II)’. Please understand this is a merely role-playing exercise, though the report was sent to few ‘special friends’ for review. [1] This first attachment (fsb support) is a simple ‘executive summary’: fsb support … Continue reading

Shame of Britain: Excellent New York Times Piece on ‘From the Birthplace of Big Brother’

From the Birthplace of Big Brother Published: April 15, 2012 The George W. Bush team must be consumed with envy. Britain’s government is preparing sweeping new legislation that would let the country’s domestic intelligence agencies monitor all private telephone, e-mail, text message, social network and Internet use in the country, bypassing requirements for judicial warrants. … Continue reading

On The Debate Over Surveillance and ‘Democracies’

Recently, I held a small private debate on ‘democracies’ and surveillance, and during the debate I asked the attendees to take a simple thought away with them—- ”It was not that the danger is with the implementation of these undemocratic bills, but rather it was even discussed in open within ‘sacred’ democratic institutions, such as … Continue reading

Welcome To Soviet-UK! (Everything You Do, From Entrance To Exit, We Are Watching & Listening. Thank You)

http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/apr/01/government-email-social-network-surveillance In the US, they have similar program brought under Bush Administration, known fully as TSP (Terrorist Surveillance Program?????). Anyway, this is our, UK, final frontier of whatever ‘privacy’ we might had, as the law is about to be re-introduced (and probably passed) that will carpet the entire little Britain with Stasi technologies of eavesdropping, … Continue reading

Spot the Difference: Fascism Under The Fascists Proto-Democrats & Fascism Under the Liberal Proto-Democrats

This article from the Guardian under lines the Fascismification of the west, as others stories of new detainees laws, new terror bills, and so forth and Brutus said, ‘it is all for the well-being of the state, countrymen and women’ (I have two-fingers up). http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/mar/23/nypd-intelligence-monitored-liberal-groups Infiltration of anti-globalisations, environmentalists, school childrens playgrounds, churches, mosques, temples, … Continue reading