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On Libya: An Outline of A Winning Strategic Policy For The Libyan Opposition Against Gaddaffi

We have seen, and discussed in details, Gaddaffi’s regime, strategic advantages, moral superiority, local and regional support, and to the point of recommending the few controversial military options open to him on his drive towards the suppression of the local internal crisis, against the so-called ‘rebels’. Let me stop here, and tackle the ‘so-called rebel’ … Continue reading

Weds. 20.07.11: Selected Headlines (Links Only)

Good Morning, Sorry, not much time available, so I will just lay out the few good headlines of interests for your convenience as links only, without the usual reviews and analyses. THE HEADLINES LINKS: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/jul/19/italy-blocks-investigation-arms-cache Italy secretly arming ‘opposing’ side in the Libyan Conflict. http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2011/jul/19/murdoch-story-berlin-wall-hysteria What we have been saying, big drama, no substance! http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2011/jul/19/biofuel-demand-us-fuel-pricesContinue reading

On Libya: The Reality (Gaddaffi-In-Command) vs The Deceptive Lie (The ”Rebels”-In-Charge)

Recently, there seems to be a new drive for a revived ”psychological’ morale injection, via PR, Propaganda, Media Management etc, within the Anglo-French Aggressive Forces Quarters, to boost the images of the ‘rebels’-in-charge, and well-managed, one might say, to the point, one can not turn a newspaper page, or have a look at the screens … Continue reading

On The Media Watch: Selected Top Headline-Links of The Day For You

1. On Libya: @ http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/jul/12/gaddafi-regime-transition-power-rebels @ http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/jul/13/libya-rebels-accused-burning-homes-looting The Revisionists & the New Change of Heart and Policy (Now We Will Talk) @ http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/africa/france-claims-gaddafi-is-prepared-to-sacrifice-his-grip-on-power-2312666.html As Above. @ http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/africaandindianocean/libya/8633279/Libyas-rebels-prepare-for-critical-battle-on-road-to-Tripoli.html Another Bull-shit propaganda (the second appearance in a month, same story but by a different newspaper this time, it appeared first last month on the Guardian, now it … Continue reading

On The Uk National Politics: The Essentials & The Interesting (The Next Black Wednesday 2.0; Purnell & Labour; European Crisis etc)

This is a small collage of few very interesting stories from the ‘official’ media channels’ take-on the national political scene. I have include also few analyses, my personal take, based on research and observations, as well as a look at the few vindications of the past analyses on the European Economic Crisis. Lets set-off. 1. … Continue reading

In Conversation With The Great Clausewitz: On Hard-Facts of Warfare & On Libya.

As you might have guessed it, correctly, if I may say so, this week I am presenting a study of Clausewitz’s theories, and their applications to contemporary international relations and warfare, to my local think-tank, I.R.S. Below, I have quoted the few, selected, precious little gems of hard-facts on the nature of wars; for example, … Continue reading

In Conversation with The Great Jomini: The Old Lessons and Libya!

The month of July is, at the Intelligentsia and Revolutionaries Society (I.R.S. Think-Tank, Leicester), a ‘Military Science Month’. Where we discuss the old and the new development in military affairs, and, as the senior member of the military study group, I am tasked with this. My first lecture is on the ‘Study of Jominian Science … Continue reading

Told You So! (Britain announces ‘aid’ to Libya; Sino-Pak Alliance)

Well, not much to dwell on how I told and forewarn about these events, but rather, lets just mention the short-tales around these, and the links to further readings. Yesterday on the article ”Media Review: Behind The Narratives”, we had a brief look at the Frenchies activities beyond-UN-Mandate (If any exists! Remember the clause, ”by … Continue reading

Media Review: Behind The Narratives

Today, I will review for you some of the few stories, either top headlines on the screen and papers, or those ‘put away from the closer public eyes and interest’. 1. The Frenchies and Libya: Today, we heard how the Frenchies are actually arming, or rather have been for sometime arming the rebels, tomorrow, or … Continue reading

Libya: How Accurate I Was, Surprised Me Too, Not Really! (The Final Phase)

”Amr Moussa, who is a leading candidate to be Egypt’s next president, broke with the international consensus that Col Gaddafi must step down unconditionally and said there should be a ceasefire and peace talks while the Libyan leader remains in power. ” The Daily Telegraph (UK) The opening statement is from a chairperson of the … Continue reading

Anders Fogh Rasmussen (& NATO): A Profile of a European Neo-Con

After yesterdays post, mentioning in passing Rasmussen, the present NATO Secretary-General, I thought I should extend the original argument that I started on that post, namely, Mr. Rasmussen is an European equivalent of US Neo-Conservatives, and should have never been ‘awarded’ the post of such a prestigious and reputable international institution, that is, NATO. ”In … Continue reading

Breaking News On Libya: The Two Clashing Approaches (1. The West Seeks an Exit Strategy & 2. The Mercenaries Seek an Extension of Conflict for Profit)

Ladies and Gentleman, Yesterday, without a doubt for me, out of loop at the present, on the insides of Libya Affairs, I caught a glimpse, as any good analyst might have as well, of the two clashes of interests that has nothing to do with the Humanitarian or Security/Order Interests of Libya, but rather, of … Continue reading

Daily Media Review, Thurs, 09.06.11

The Guardian and a couple of stories, on one of my blog own argument ”Advanced Civil Espionage”, but this time in schools (shame, but who give a fuck, right? you are all well-conditioned to accept anything nowadays.). Then there is the old-propaganda reinstated, Gaddaffi, according to the Guardian ”Tells troops to rape”, and we hear … Continue reading

France New Militarism & The New Regional (Global) Threat

I wrote in my works, The Selected Contemporary Political Essays, on the final essay, On The Global Forecasting, that, as one of my predictions among the few, was, looking on the geopolitical dynamics of Europe, was that, the region, will again, be the next major global battleground on per with the past two world wars. … Continue reading