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Mira Counsel II: On The Dangers of Philosophies, The Madness of Religion & The Treasures of The Arts

My Dear Mira, After yesterday’s post warning you against the corruption and abuses of knowledge, I thought to day, I should warn and inform you of the evils of such knowledge, in practise. First, Philosophers and their works, are never to be taken serious, and should be read for Amusement and Entertainment Only. There is … Continue reading

Mira’s Counsel I: The Tyranny of Knowledge!

The gods did not reveal, from the beginning, All Things to us; but in the course of time, Through seeking we may learn, and know things better. But as for certain truth, no (wo)man has known it, Nor will (s)he know it; neither of the gods, Nor yet of all the things, of which I … Continue reading