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My proposal and advice for a New Model for Modern-day Work: what are you thoughts?

I will go straight to it without beating around so I can make it simple and quiet readable without wasting much time.

After too many studies and researching, and running my own teams and small organization I believe I have found a perfect model for a modern day workman and work-women. This model, as can be observed, also helps to deal with the modern day crisis of low productivity among advanced economies of the world. It will also prove popular in balancing work-life needs and more so for families and also in further encouraging employees to further develop themselves outside work with their free time either getting into further training, learning new skills or gaining new experience and so forth. In summary, the rewards (on cost-benefits analysis) are numerous and outnumbered any criticisms; but feel free to highlight any that you might believe I have overlooked, please. The model will also help companies and businesses to get an extra day of work from their employees (namely, making work a Monday to Saturday thing, you will understand later) and extra hours (giving companies and businesses an extra 8 hours on average employee from, for example, normal expected 40 hours a week per employee)

This is how the model will work.

  1. For every role and position advertised as open for employment, the employer will HAVE TO hire two people on a JOB-SHARE model for that particular role/position; especially those on full time. So lets say Company X has an opening for an HR Director, this company will HIRE TWO directors to work on two shifts and in two different teams.
  2. Meaning, Team One will be under the HR director Number 1 (a new employee for the role) and will be working from Monday to Wednesday, that is three days a week with four days of break (always Sunday free for all). Team Two, led by second director, will work on equal hours, that is 8 hours a day, and equal days but taking over [as second shift] from Thursday to Saturday (Sat being the extra day earned for employers and in helping raising more productivity). Sunday, as already stated, will be a free day for all!
  3. So, each team on a job-share will work three days a week, on 8 hours a day (24 hrs a week) with two half an hour breaks in betweens, and have a four day long weekend break!

What are you thoughts?


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