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On Human Immortality: Death is Failures of Scientific Advances Not NATURAL or INEVITABLE!

Previously I discussed the issue, on human immortality, in some depth (follow this link) and I want to add a little more here with further developed new thinking.

To be brief, I have come to believe that human death is not inevitable or natural but instead what is natural and inevitable – due to environment, energy usage and time – is the physical (not mental) decay of our bodies not our mortality.

Humans are same as foods, fruits and all living things. We decay with time, energy usage and environment we are in. I believe this issue might be of a great future research interests especially in answering these two key questions;

  1. In freezing/cold conditions (like refrigeration) food can extend their lifespan. Could this be the same for humans? For researchers the phenomenon to investigate is could those humans residing in the extreme or rather constant freezing/cold surroundings or environments live much longer than those from semi-arid or any warmer or hot environments? The application is the comparative investigation of food-decay and human bodies.
  2. Is there immortality unit within us, humans? could the answer lie with preservation of human brain, heart, central nervous systems and what. The what might prove to be the biblical/religious ‘human soul’.
  3. Added (a day after original post): I also realised there might be a great deal of research interests and learning opportunities from studying those ‘bleeding to death’, or ‘suffocating to death’; in the very act (or simulated) to understand or put the finger on ‘where the systems shutdowns’; the key locations etc.




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