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Merchants of Chaos: Evil-Stupid Genius of Western Powers

Very briefly.

Syria is next. After failures of proxies in performance and wasted funds and resources western powers are now getting into it slow-but-rapid [mission creep]; special forces boots on grounds, drones etc.

Have we forgotten Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen and other indirect covert involvements such as Egypt, Tunisia, Mali, Somalia, Niger, Nigeria, Chad, Burkina Faso and even Pakistan and how chaos can get out of control [the ‘stupid and genius’ part]. Of course not. The real value of chaos [the ‘genius’ part] is that western powers major export product of competitive advantage is, as the popular neo-conservative geo-politician Thomas Barnett wrote, the ‘exporting of security‘; that is sells of arms, private security, ”boots on grounds” etc ”to return order and stability”! Or as Charles Tilly, the famous Sociologist, referred to, the ‘organized crime of racketeering’.


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