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Analysis: Al-Qaeda & Promotion of Hamza Bin Laden As Group’s New Youthful-Image

The point in a statement is simple.

Recent AL-Zawahiri and Al-Qaidah deliberate and conscious decision to promoting the young Hamza Bin Laden (son of Usama) is without a doubt an effort to canvass for new younger supporters who are more attracted to equally youthful and energetic/vibrant ISIS/Islamic State and thus leaving Al-Qaidah – oldies-led – with empty ranks and lost brand-popularity among this important section of population which is now the biggest within the Islamic World.

Al Zawahiri never had any popularity or legitimacy among many, let alone the young, after taking over from Usama Bin Laden and this decision appears to be a deliberate move to quietly remove [away] from public eye (as many spokesperson and leader)  of Al-Zawahiri and putting in place the crown-prince with hopes of ‘like father like son effect’, namely that his close association to a popular figurehead of old Jihad (and Al-Qaidah and its affiliates) will again [re]create an energetic enthusiasm and legitimacy for new Bin Laden dynasty. In other words, it is a Al Qaidah-version of ‘Caliphate of Islamic Jihad’; as authority is passed from old Caliph father to new Caliph son.


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