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How The West Lack of Superior & Feasible Strategic Thinking Lost It The World

The West has lost the world, simple (could it be reversed, perhaps). Why, because this time around the west has decided, unwisely, to make more enemies and to thus open more fronts in the war for dominance and control over the rest of the world; it is an attritional war the west ca no longer win.

The west has lost, for a long time now, the Muslim World, of course minus it’s current client-rulers who cant hold to their power without western support though seemingly at the present able to manoeuvre to the new rising power for the similar assurance of power-holding. On top of this the west has made a ‘long attritional war [No. 1]’ with a powerful sector within Islam, the combative Salafists in Arms; ISIS, Al-Qaeda etc.

The West most recently has gone around, foolishy, putting ego and vanity in front of the much needed level-headed thinking and approach, by antagonizing, bullying, threatening and literary declaring war on Russia. Close to this is of course a rather very very cold war with another more powerful party, China. And as things stand, that is analytically speaking, it seems China has decided its on a warpath with the West no matter what any future ‘change of language or posture’ the West takes; the Chinese can hold a grudge.

Then of course we have other semi-declared wars with Iran, Turkey, yes Turkey, since the attempts to dislodge the equivalent of a Muslim Brotherhood, Erodgan’s ‘New Young Turks’ with Imperial Islamist ambitious have already decided the West is not to be trusted (seemingly stemming from EU refusal and games to put off Turkey from a membership). Then you have of course North Korea, Venezuela and the others ‘pissed off’ rising powers not on open-and-direct-warfare with the west (cold or hot), as yet, from Latin Americas to Asia and Africa.

In short, modern very young and inexperienced (untested) western leadership and bureaucracy have themselves to blame for losing the rest of the world.



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