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The Contradiction Trap: China is Not A Threat To Outside World, Because It is Its Own Threat!

The Communist have always favoured the term ‘scientific contradiction’ in their attempts to analyse issues and resolve these. Modern Chinese Communist have rather, in self-contradiction, found themselves falling on their own sword before, it appears, she can even crawl to the outside world. Thus the very idea of introducing ‘limited and highly state-controlled’ version of Capitalism side by side with Communism has created a nightmarish contradiction that will definitely either, that is if not resolved, [a] weaken the new [wannabe] superpower before she can be a power or [b] see her collapse from within as pressure and protest build up against growing wealth/inequality gap or [c] every sections of the society move more and more towards total embrace of ‘capitalist ideals of liberalisation and ”democracy”’.

The problem is the so-called ‘limited and to be controlled’ liberalisation of Chinese Economy and Society has seen unexpected huge popularity and ready to embrace followers especially among the top echelon (elites) sections of society, which in itself has created a rapid acceleration in domestic wealth/inequality gap, and this, without a doubt, is going to be a major source of crisis for Modern Communist China far than anything else. This might also prove to slow down or complete degrade any efforts for China to rise to great power status in contemporary international system/politics.


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