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Cold War II

Ukraine, The New Germany: Cold War II Iron Curtain Comes Down

Ukraine, A New Germany: A New Cold War With A New Iron Curtain


After the fall of Third Reich in the 1940s Germany was divided into two parts, a western part administered and answering to the west and the eastern part under the Soviet Russia administration. It was here, in Germany, that the ‘Cold War’ was symbolically ushered and [apparently] ”won” or ”lost” (dependent on which side you ask). Of course those of us with appreciation in the international history we always understood that the so-called ‘Cold War’ was never won or lost but rather deferred in particular by the east/Soviet Russia which sought wisely a strategic retreat rather than spreading herself to thin to the [culminated] point of self-defeat rather than victory. For the west the ”war” never ceased as for two decades after the so-called the fall of Berlin Wall (symbolizing the end of ”First Cold War”) the west took the advantage of a ‘goodwilled’ international environment to expand it’s aggressive and greedy (imperialistic and colonialistic) self across the world trying to making sure that the ‘old and new enemies’ (namely, Russia and China) would never again be in a position to truly interfere rather than ”threatened” her greedy economic [corporate] interests (rather than so-hyped ”national interests” or ”security”). Across the world the west led by new leader, US, worked hard to maintain their ‘old colonial economic and political interests’ within their old colonies as well as expanding towards the new regions such as Eastern Europe and Central Asia, as well as Socialist Latin American countries.

Thus as Russia went back to her home defences for a regroup the west actively and aggressively (and consciously) extended it’s tentacles towards the borders of Russia, as such truly threatening the national security and interets of a sovereign proud nation which has done nothing since the ”end of Cold War I” but offering peaceful gestures and friendship.

In short, the ”New Cold War II” has been set. Ukraine is the new Germany, as a symbolic demarcation line of conflict and if one would like to point a finger on who to really blame they should look towards the west (the always self-proclaimed ”Saints”, never sinful) and not the east. Putin’s action so far has been logical, legal, rational and understandable based on national interests and security of his country, a country he was elected to lead and defend.
Copyright. S.S. Salim 2014

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