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Khodovorsky: Putin’s Man In The West???

Question: Is Khodovorsky Putin’s Man in the West?

To me, and that is to me only, the entire drama is a deja vu of the old Cold War espionage game of moles and plants and the likes.

The Khodovorsky drama seems to fit perfectly well to the past case studies where the ‘dissenter’ undergoes years of mistreatment in the supposedly hands of his/her enemies (the home state) and then somehow (miraculously and out of any common sense and logic) ‘gets to getaway to the west’ and serve inside (as well-placed) the western system as a well-informed person on the western (his/her old) enemy while at the same time playing the double-game of feeding his ‘old enemies’ the key info etc.

Anyhow this is just something to think about, that is, if Messr. Khodovorsky is (and seemed to have been) the only real viable opponent to Putin’s new Russia why let him go????


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